The Road By Sebastian Javier

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This is my most recent story, regarding me making bad choices and trying to get out of the bad influences. and i really want some opinions on this because i really want help from someone who already did this.

Submitted: January 11, 2010

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Submitted: January 11, 2010



The Road
By: Sebastian Javier.
(This are short stories of my life)
It all starts when you’re a little boy or girl. When your parents tell you, you can be anything you like, but what they don’t say is how hard you have to work for it. Then you make a mistake, a bump on your road to success. Some make it and some don’t. That road have some many other little roads connected to it, and only one of them little roads takes you to the final road that will determine your future. And I decided to take a bad road. It all started on a Saturday morning, I have just gotten up from bed to pick up a call from my friend Jesus. Him like always exited wanting to hang out, so I say “Sure man just come over and we can chill”. After about 30 minutes he came over, and we started playing Xbox for about an hour or so. After that he said “Well dude I am definitely bored, let’s go skate”. And I like always said “Sure why not”. We headed over to the hockey ring next to the Greenwood Park, and there was when the little bad road with bumps started. We see some of our old friends we didn’t hang out with anymore, so we decided to talk to them to catch up, just like any other person would. So we start talking and we notice they are all eating a large amount of candy, so I went ahead and ask “where you guys get this”. They said someone has broken in the footballs field cafeteria; I went Jesus went ahead and ask “Can you guys show us?” And that’s went I had a feeling something was wrong, so I said “Dude lets just go home fuck this” (Sorry for my French, but you will get my point at the end of this). And after a few minutes of discussing this, I finally said “Fuck it lets do it” This kid name James Sebastiano showed us the way in and told us to take whatever we want, so we did. We took a can of coke, and some skittles and starburst. Then we both went home. Then Monday when I got to school my friend nick said someone got caught and is snitching, so I rushed to my other friends to warn them with this weird feeling of anger, sad, disappointed, and worried on my head. Knowing that I took that bad road and I passed to many stop signs to turn back. But it was too late so I went and turned my self in. Either way we were all going to get caught. So I figure that was the smart thing to do. The next day I went over to school and I arrested in front of my mother, who I could see what she felt when her tears were falling down her eyes. She felt angry disappointed, scared, and you could see she was thinking in her head what did I do wrong, wandering if she was a bad mother. I couldn’t say a word so I lifted my head up and receive the punishment I deserve. They put me in the PAY program for being a first offender and or let’s say I only took a bad road once without getting stuck on it. I’m still not out of the road. Still feeling bad and angry at my self for being so stupid and not turning when I had the chance too. Now thinking that’s too late to get out. But I still think I can do it. But bumps in this road make me realize that it might be too late. And bring me back to thinking “can I actually do it?” and sometimes thinking if the world would be better off without me. You thinking this is the first bad road you ever got into. And to tell you, you are so wrong. This is the first bad road I have trouble getting out of. But my destiny will decide and there’s no destiny without me ever looking in my soul if I can do it without any other thoughts braking me down and I know people reading this would be thinking how this kid, so young have this deep thoughts about life. Well just like on the road you can go over the speed limit and if the police don’t stop you, there’s going to be an accident, maybe not the first time or the second but the third is the countdown to death.

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