That Feeling

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being left alone with my thoughts also meant being left alone with my feelings.

Submitted: August 27, 2016

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Submitted: August 27, 2016



Why don't you like me back? 


Am I not pretty enough?
Am I too fat?
Is it my immaturity or lack of confidence?
Just know, for you, I'd try to fix that.

I don't mean to annoy you.
And I try to play as well as you do.
And even though I get angry a lot,
It's almost never towards you

You don't know how much you mean to me.
I'm trying so hard to impress you. 
But then I do the unthinkable.
I confess

I get ignored.
It's been almost four weeks now.
Did I scare you away?
If I did, just know that I'm sorry

Even though I sent my feelings via text message,
It doesn't mean they aren't genuine.
I didn't even expect them to be reciprocated,
but I still wanted a response

I wasn't expecting you to call and say you love me,
Or even send me flowers. 
The only thing I really wanted,
Was a reaction

But I didn't get one.
So I sat and I waited.
And waited some more
.......still nothing

Then I thought about it
"Hey, he's in college now", I'd say.
Of course he's gonna be busy.
I'm only in high-school, so I wouldn't understand

My friends tell me that I should forget him.
Is it bad that I can't?
No matter how hard I try,
He's always on my mind

I continued to wait then.
And I still plan to do so now.
I just hope he doesn't forget about me.
I know I won't forget about him

I think my wait is almost over though.
I get to see him in a few weeks.
I get to hear him play that sweet music again,
As if it was a concert just for me

So I'll wait to see him.
Hear him play.
Get that response that I've been waiting on.
It's gonna be great

Maybe then I'll get to hear him tell me.
Tell me the news I wanted.
After all my waiting.
I hope he likes me back

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