The Spiritual Significance of Female Feet - And Man's Obsession With Them

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Could male interest in female feet actually represent a longing to return to the Goddess and their ancient spirituality?

Submitted: January 17, 2012

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Submitted: January 17, 2012




By Sophie Kirkwood

How beautiful are your sandaled feet, O prince's daughter!" - Song of Solomon 7:1

Anyone who visits a live video model or 'Cam Girl' for the first time may be a little surprised at the kind of messages that pop-up, almost immediately, from other guests. In fact, within just a minute or so of entering her room, one is likely to have observed multiple requests to see the model's feet, or even blatant references to foot worship.

Now, we're all aware of the term 'foot fetish', of course, but the sheer scale of male interest in female feet suggests that there's something far more significant going on here.

As part of my research I typed 'foot fetish' into Google recently and got over 44 million hits. The results also revealed a close association with femdom and the mistress/slave relationship. I then typed 'goddess worship' into YouTube, expecting videos of a spiritual nature, but also got numerous foot fetish results as well. So is this phenomenon really just about the aesthetics of female feet, and sexual desire, or does foot fetishism represent a far deeper and more spiritual yearning in men?

The significance of feet and foot rituals in religion is common knowledge. Indeed, it's a theme that runs through numerous scriptures, including the Bible. Hindus even believe that spiritual powers radiate from the feet of gurus, which they ritually wash and decorate. In terms of their symbology, feet are said to represent spiritual direction.

So perhaps this is our first clue as to why so many men have an interest in female feet. Instinctively, they are simply wanting to return to their original and authentic spirituality, which in archaeological terms is Goddess worship.

Needless to say, any modern expression of foot worship is likely to be a rather crude affair, because men don't understand the significance of their feelings, or the symbology of the act itself. Certainly, the image of a man licking a black stiletto is not one that I'd wish to conjure in connection with modern-day Goddess worship.

In conclusion then, let us all be aware of the possibly deeper meaning of so-called foot fetishism. And if you're a man who already understands something of the divine feminine, perhaps consider introducing your partner to more ritualistic activities concerning her feet. Show her the true depth and spiritual significance of your devotion.

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