Famous peoplehave feelings..(curl up and die)

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I wrote this on quizilla, But I thought that it would be cool if i posted it on here to. Enjoy.

Submitted: July 15, 2009

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Submitted: July 15, 2009



People all around me, screaming and yelling

Make it stop before i curl up and die

People want to much from me,

A new song, a new movie,

A new story of my life when their is only one to tell

Curl up and die to make it all stop

Tabloids attack my personal life,

while i get stalked by crazed fans

Make it all stop before i die from demands

I sign people's papers,photos,anything

Anything to make my fans happy so i get good marks

If i don't, i get yelled at

By fans and others

My ears hurt with all the screaming

I just want to curl up and die to make it all quite

People misunderstand simple things about me

How i do not like to be in the spotlight all night long

how i want to be cared for by someone who truly cares

How i want to have a night of peace and quite without any yelling and screaming

how the fame has got to some of my best friends

How i want to curl up to make it stop

The fans will never stop their screaming

I am afraid every time i get out of my car

That i will be bombarded by fans

Bombarded by the news,

asked questions i have no answer to,

and not people not care about what i feel, just what i look like

I am afraid to curl up and die

Because i do not know what comes after life

Will people still scream at me?

tell me to come back after i have gone

how many hearts will i break because i gave in to death?

I have no answer to that,

but i will tell you one thing,

I will not curl up and die,

because no madder how much people scream

I will always have hope to find someone that will

truly care about me.

I have found that person,

and now i want to just love them,

show that i do care for them

and that i am not as bad or as good

as i sound in the news

I am free from the fear of death.

By Mackenzie

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