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We spend most of our lives figuring out who we are. Some of us die trying, some find out early, and some don't even care. But what if you could choose who you are in life? What if you got to take parts of others personalities and mold it into your own? You could be smart, kind, cunning, charming, mysterious.... The possibilities are endless for Darla Beckham. This particular person has been mutated to borrow personality traits and pose them as her own. Follow her on her adventure to find out who she really is.

Submitted: August 20, 2017

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Submitted: August 20, 2017



I am no one, yet I am everyone. I have every personality a person could dream of, yet I can't seem to have one myself. I will never know who I am or where I belong. I will never know what my favorite color is, simply because each personality I carry has a favorite color of its own. I was born a blank slate. As I met new people, I adapted to their personality and inherited their traits, but was not given my own. Who am I? I'm a failed experiment. A lab rat out of control. I was made by a computer and raised by scientists. I know everything they know. I feel everything they feel. I knew I had to stay where I was to keep the world safe. That is, until one of the workers had no choice to bring his son to work. His son had a free spirit and wanted to live. When we met, I knew it was trouble. I wanted to be free. I wanted a life of my own, even though I knew I could never have one that truly belonged to me. My story begins July of 1999, in Los Angeles, California. 

This is where I was created. The exact time and place of the very first artificial human reproduction, No parents or previous genes needed, just a pure strand of DNA. Clean. In the beginning, people wanted to use me for all kinds of different things. Clone people for specific blood types, research, organ donations.... But that is not what this lab had intended. They wanted to make the perfect human being. They wanted to know what a perfect human being would act like. They never expected to raise a perfectly normal and functional female. Of course, there are things to consider. What is her ethnicity? If she has no parents or ancestors, what will her facial features look like? These are things that are decided by the scientists who put her together, metaphorically. How do you make a perfect person? Take away the things that could make them like everyone else. 

My skin is grey, A light grey color, just like my eyes. Lips, a bit darker grey. Not thin, not large, but perfectly round and plump. Face shape is broad, yet rounded. Not too strong, but not a baby face either. At 19, I grew to be exactly 5'6 and approximately 125 lbs. Smooth and soft skin, yet it could not be damaged. Needles broke at the touch of my skin. My hair, soft and silky, yet strong as could be. It cannot be damaged, changed, or altered in any way. Dye does not work. It cannot be cut. It reaches my thighs at age 19. The color? Pure black. This "perfect being" has no birth marks. Perfectly straight teeth. Normal voice, soft and sweet. The one thing that makes me especially unique? I do not have a personality of my own. When I meet someone, I inherit every bit of personality that I want. I can use and expand this to my own pleasure. I was able to learn and speak fluently in six languages by the time I was five. Any language that anyone in the lab knew, I would know.

If I were to meet someone who knew how to swim, I would then how to swim even if I had never seen a body of water a day in my life. I was a perfect machine. A perfect weapon. All I had known in my life was science, math, safety, languages, rules, and knowledge. I knew what everything in the world was, yet I never stepped a foot outside of the lab. I knew what fear was, but never experienced it myself along with anger, sadness, pain, and all other human emotions. This is the story of an emotionless machine who learns what it's like to be alive. To love. To be human. This is the story of Darla Beckham.

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