The nightmare fighter

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A boy name Michael is a dream fighter, where he fights off an evil intruder in his nightmare. He goes to a school called Keep the Peace. This school is filled with magical creatures. There he trains to fight off evil demons within his dreams.

Submitted: March 12, 2014

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Submitted: March 12, 2014



"What who...who are you." I screamed.

"I'm your worst nightmare." a young beautiful woman with crazy eyes said.

 "I said who are you!" 

 "I, my friend am Medusa." she laughed

I looked at her unknown green hair. There was something strange about it, until I seen tangles of hair hissing at me. They were freaking snakes! How crazy can this nightmare be?

"What do you want from me snake lady!" I said with unease.

"Well, child I crave your fears." she delightfully said.

"Never will you feed from me." I screamed and without a thought, I sliced her head off and her blue eyes closed shut.

 Then I woke up.

My name is Michael, a 12 year old boy trying to face his fears. I mean literally facing my fears. I live on Medow street and life here is pretty extraordinary here. Most of the time I try to defeat my fears by killing them off, but if that doesn't work, I just wake up. I go to a special school called Keep the Peace. The school is top secret with angry werewolves, tiny pixie fairies, super weird shape shifters, and the scariest of them all is the blood craving vampires. It is so not cool when they only see you as a snack. This school is filled with the unnatural. I'm pretty unnatural, but sometimes this school is pretty scary even for me. Ten times already I was almost vampire lunch, steped on by a werewolves gigantic foot, turned into a baby by a pixie, and turned into a rectangle by a sneaky shapeshifter. I just hate Middle school. 



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