Nothing changes us

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: War and Military  |  House: Booksie Classic

about some millitary stuff
and fiction

"we're under attack - shouts sgt.niklas petersen 
"they have grenade launchers, we cant launch helicopters because its too risky - tells pilot john to petersen
"boom" something explodes after exploision there are many 
dead bodies and many of surviors cannot walk or stand up 
after some time sgt.petersen wakes up and hardly but still stands up while he was in short coma he has seen  some memories from childhood about him and his friend thomas until they got out of town and never meet eachother later  in one of memories thomas says " we never change niklas, we never do " .
when petersen got up he had only a pistol with 2 bullets left he had to make a big choice either kill himself and save himself from big pain or continue his life just to continue his war with the enemy. well he made a hard choice to stay alive  

34 minutes later
niklas got to enemy base and what he sees? he sees nothing but dead bodies when he walks in he sees only a man standing in front of him with his back . he says :
" niklas petersen yes ? "
" yes ,but the question is who are you ? "
" you know me very very well "
after those words he turns and niklas sees that at enemy's eye hes got the same mark as thomas had
"huh" - says petersen
"thomas ? " - he asks surprised
"thats right " 
"i see you have 2 bullets left, you either  kill me and become a hero for your country or save me and save our friendship" 
* bang * 
" something changes over time but we dont, we never change "

the moral is : you must love your country and it doesnt change nothing if your man or woman , white or not 

Submitted: December 04, 2013

© Copyright 2020 secretator. All rights reserved.

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