Running Hearts

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my feelings completly

Submitted: July 12, 2012

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Submitted: July 12, 2012



Again I sit and cry

I remenise of you

Of how you broke my heart

But continue through and through


I've never been so broken

So lost or so confused

But while I sit and wait

My heart won't beat for anyone but you


While you're ignoring me

And acting like I don't exist

Someone is begging for my attention

And is longing for my kiss


What all could I do

While I'm broken and confused?

While I sit and wait

While my heart breaks in everyone's view


He is running behind

Trying to grab my broken heart

Picking up ever little piece

Like finding a needle in the dark


I'm tired of blaming you

When I'm the one at blame

I'm not only broken

But I'm putrid and ashamed


This can't be your fault

I'm the one who lost control

A monster inside this vault

Hidden from all else


I'm breaking his heart

While chasing after you

But I'm the one alone

While you are running far away,

Hand in hand, two by two.

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