the last day in her dress

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Submitted: November 19, 2017

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Submitted: November 19, 2017



Her poofy dress trailed in the dark woods, trampling on mangled roots and branches, panting and huffing she pushes herself further than she ever thought.Suddenly his footsteps got closer and her heart pounded, faster, faster as her lungs froze, his large body crushed the fallen trees like a fiery bull.Her corset slowly ripping, with the heaving of her chest.Dim light lit through the gaps of the trees this gave a glimpse of hope.


But she could not hear his trampling steps.”Did he give up”? ‘’was he gone”?No keep going.Her feet felt strangled as her dancing shoes grew tighter.She was almost at the candle lit town, she could feel it.But his cold hands wrapped around her as her whole body shook.She was caught, what could she do, he lifted her dress as tears rolled to her chest, he slowly molested her weak body, she was too weak, not strong enough to fight back or do anything but push him away, but he held her tightly with his rough jagged hands.She woke up on the grass, crying.Her weak knees lifting her off the ground still weeping, the event twirled in her pounding head.


People stared and gasped as she walked through the town, her dirt stained dress and shoes in her left hand as her right hand wiped away the falling tears.She kept walking and reached her small cottage and opens the creaking door.She lay staring at her roof wondrous and full of question, but mostly filled with fear, her tears slowly roll as her eyes gently close.But she could not sleep. Even closing her eyes was a struggle.The memories flicker,on off, on off.She tries to take a few pills to make it easier to sleep but every time she started to sleep or had just fell asleep she would scream herself awake as she felt his fingers touch her.But the pills slowly kick in as her tears slowly stop, her eyes are still, she is asleep.


Her heart starts racing and she rapidly wakes up.The tears start again.She opens the door as the sunlight warms her cold face, she takes very few steps out her door and people starred, a young lady she was very close with slowly made her way closer, and slowly mumbled “are you okay” the girl replied with a soft “no”, “I was, I was,” she bursted into tears “raped”. She just stared and gave a weird look.Then laughed. “It's not good to lie”.The lady ran off telling the whole town.Everybody laughed and giggled, nobody believed her, she was left to sit in her quiet room, in the dark.It was deadly, all the thoughts, ideas, everything and anything.


She woke up dazed and confused, she hadn't realised she had fallen asleep, but she obviously did, but there was blood, on the floor, like a small puddle, she was confused, she started blinking fastly.Maybe it was just a dream.As she opened her eyes the blood disappeared, how, what in the world was happening.She had to talk to someone, someone who could tell her what's wrong.She arrived to the doctor and he welcomed her.He asked all the basic questions, then the trauma questions, over and over, more and more questions.He stood up and left the room, with a gust of wind as the door closed.Several minutes past till the copper door handle turned and he came in with a small box of medicine with fine print writing, his manly voice stated “this should help”.


Slumping herself in a small flower printed chair at home she took 2 pills whilst sipping on a glass of water. A few weeks pass by this point, but the memory sticks like glue, like a pest, nibbling away at her.But what could she do, life keeps going so she did to, she started to socialise again.But it was that time again another ball where the gentleman dressed in suits and ladies were strapped into corsets and large dresses and be serenaded with a horse and carriage.


She built up courage and went and found a beautiful lacy white dress, got all dolled up and went to the ball, there was so many people there for a small town, swirling, twirling.Her face dropped, she was shocked.A large man walked into the hall and she felt her heart drop,she knew it was him.She swiftly moved outside, trying not to draw attention to herself, still with others and in plain sight of people. Her heart was racing again.When all of a sudden someone grabbed her hand, it was him.He had his hand behind his back, like he had something, but what is it? He tried having a normal conversation, but she would not have it, she tried to leave but his hand was locked on my wrist. She couldn't, she felt paralysed, like a sitting duck.His hand slowly came out from behind his back as he leaned in to hug her, atleast thats what she thought…


A solid thud to the back of her head left her falling to the ground.She woke up in the dark, not again. His voice echoed through what sounded like a building, with a heavy stench of smoke.She didn't, she couldn't fight this time.She had given up all hope.Suddenly a piercing pain slid through her stomach,like a knife,It was a knife slicing her skin.She screamed with pain hoping someone would hear. Over and over but nothing just a gentle shhh, like she could be calmed.she was losing blood, a lot of it. But the knife still slid her eyelids became heavy and body started shaking it felt like 1000 needles all over, piercing, numbing, like whoever was doing this torture was removing organs.But her eyes slid close,as the pain grew unbearable it was time for her beautiful life to come to a halt.Although her eyes could not open her mind wondered its last thoughts, who was this man, why me, what is he going to do with my body,organs,soul but the one that she really thought about.Will I be remembered.


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