Teenage Undesirable - Part 1

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Adrianna Skye is utterly, and extremely depressed.
Always dreading on the past, how will she make it through her next 3 years of high school? Or will she choose to take the easiest way out - A one way ticket to the afterlife.

Submitted: August 29, 2012

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Submitted: August 29, 2012



Undesirable. Maybe that's what I am now.

Desperately needing someone and unwanted by everyone. Clinging to a single shred of hope, lingering between depression and insanity.So what if I am crazy. That's my problem. I'm sure nobody cares enough to question it.Even if there was, would I allow them to disturb my realm of insanity? Probably not. I don't think I'd be able to handle it if one more person deceived me. I'd slide right off the edge and plummet down to where there was only depression.

I'm Adriana Skye. Never curious about the future, surrounded by lingering memories of the past.Unable to escape, drowning in it. My head would only contain those lethal memories. At last... I would come to the conclusion of suicide. I'd leave a note, showing off my theatrical talent that no one ever cared enough to know about. Finally, I would escape this murder of my soul once and for all. To take my own life, to end the pain. To finally lose the past. It's selfish, really. But don't I deserve one moment of selfishness? If there is a God, would he be outraged at even the mention of my own destruction? But isn't God supposed to know all? If he knew I'd kill myself anyway, why was I even born? Why didn't I die with my sister in the fire that ripped her from me? It would have been a more noble death. I hadn't been depressed then! If God exists, he must essentially be a very selfish creature, playing with humans like toys for his own amusement. No, that couldn't be right. Maybe God believes in free will. Shouldn't I be glad he doesn't interfere and play me like a doll? Of course. But glad I am not. I had long lost the ability to feel any emotion but sorrow.

*Will Be Continued*

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