Poem: Open Your Eyes

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I wrote this after reading a secret off "Six Billion Secrets". It inspired me. Five minutes later, this was in front of me.

Submitted: August 30, 2010

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Submitted: August 30, 2010



A distant thought from far away enters my mind
And I'll admit, it's a thought I never tried to hide.
I feel guilty, ashamed, but I love it all the same
I love being trapped inside my fucked up brain.

Mascara tears, you're such a beautiful tragedy.
But honestly, it's all I've ever wanted of me.
I tried to deepen my scars, to give reason for what we are
Then try to make sense of it all with my pen and my guitar.

I may not have turned to you and I may not have cried
But you should know better, you should see past the lies.
I don't need to be reminded of my lonely little world
All I need is for you to hear the words that go unheard.

I know the facts, and you tell me to talk to you
But you'll need to force it out if you ever want me to
I'm tired of reading fairytales and stories from afar
I just need to stop dreaming and wishing on stars

And wake up to this reality we've lived with for a while
Accept that I'm terrfied and just get on with my life
But until then, can I ask you to press your ear against my door
Listen to my heartbeat, and care a little more.


Eight out of ten people who die by suicide gave some, or even many, indications of their intentions.

Open your eyes.

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