Poem: The Hardest Goodbye

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Here is a poem/song lyrics I wrote a little while ago. This is about debating whether to leave or not, and what the outcome of that would be.

Submitted: July 09, 2010

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Submitted: July 09, 2010



The Hardest Goodbye

I could leave you now
But then my hopes would die.
Yet even if I stay here
They will remain waiting in the sky.
Too far beyond my reach
Too far to even see.
But still,
I would be free.
Of anything that was ever real
Of anything I ever feared.

If I ran away
You would have my dreams.
My nightmares,
My everything.
And I would lie below
Staring up with envy eyes.
Watching while your tears fall
Tears that should have been mine.
Heartbroken I should be
Because in a perfect world,
I’m a perfect tragedy.

I shouldn’t leave
If I ever had the heart to see
Your endless love and the possibilities.
And I want you to know
But I just can’t tell you so
Oh, the fears got me so controlled.
I lost, and I’m sorry
For all my words and my mistakes.
I want to run away
But I will never escape

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