Ultimate House Test

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Choose which one you identify with most! Let me know in the comments. Just a note, I originally wrote this in French, and then translated it back, so if it does not make sense, please tell me <3

Submitted: September 14, 2017

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Submitted: September 14, 2017




Humans. Always trying to find a handhold. Like, when you are under water, and you have been for a while, because you love the way everything slows down, and is free, your fingers prune over. That is biology trying to make you be able to grip the water. To grip something. Anything.


Water. Who doesn't love swimming? Not endless lengths dictated and ruled over by a heavily tattooed instructor, yelling incomprehensibly. But under the water, holding your breath, and watching your hair billow around you.Seeing, but not having to. Alone. Yet together. Strong. Independent. Slytherin.. 


Fire. Fun. Excitement. Adrenaline. Laughter. Like when you are around the bonfire with your cousins, and time freezes, as you tilt your head back laughing, and woodsmoke fills your nose. You wish you could freeze time.You wish you could remain warm to the core, but  with the tip of your nose red from the cold. Gryffindor.


Earth. Summer. You are lying in your back on the grass. You close your eyes, and your eyelids turn red. The ground beside you shakes and you know without looking up that your best friend is lying beside you. You don't want to open your eyes. You might lace fingers, or maybe not. Maybe you just lie in friendly silence. You are warm.  


Air. When you arrive in the countryside after months in months in the city. The first few fresh gulps are always the best. You smile. The sky is more blue. The rain is better. Your mind is clearer.  


Humans. Such interesting creatures.


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