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Friend helping a friend.

Submitted: March 03, 2013

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Submitted: March 03, 2013




Here I was, night two of producing this god awful song. I had to finish it despite what my well being wanted me to do. It was for a friend...

  I heard a calling from downstairs, "Jake, I don't want you on that computer all night!" My mom was always one of those,  "nazi's" of a parent.  Anyway, I was half way through this screamo track that I was finishing up for Chris, one of my best friends. He's aspiring to be a famous rockstar. As silly as it sounds I supported him in whatever he did. One this particular night I wasn't into it but I pushed on.

  Despite it being 12:43 am, and I was tired,  I still  listened to Chris talk to me on Skype telling me what he wanted on the song. Chris wanted me to add a scream effect into the background of one of the verses. So i downloaded many files and found the best. It was the perfect pitch and length. I knew Chris would be happy with the outcome of the song. Almost as happy as I'm going to be when I finish it. I opened up the file in the music creator I was using and something didn't seem rite. The scream sounded totally different when hit play. But only worked that one time. Every other time I hit 'play' nothing sounded.


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 Well Chris had to get to bed so I told him I'd finish it while he sleeps. There I was, alone as tired as I could be, trying to fix the audio problem. I went through the basic trouble-shooting. I couldnt find whats wrong. Two minutes later I heard the same exact scream again, but this time it was clear, sounded like it was rite behind my computer. I knew this couldn't be the file. I decided to give up, because I was getting a little scared and  get some sleep. I'd finish it tomorrow. 

  The next day I got up and headed off to school. Not seeing my mom in the morning was normal because she is usually at work by the time I wake up.  I saw my mom's car in the driveway  but assumed  she probably just  car-pooled with a fellow employee at her job. At school, I saw Chris and explained what was going on and how I'm working on it. He understood and gave me a few days extra to finish it. The rest of the day I regretted staying up so late. I was basically falling asleep in all of my classes. Finally, the 'end of the day bell' rung and I sprung out of my seat and headed off on the journey home. I lived pretty close so I had to walk. 

As I was approaching my house I saw that the upstairs window seemed to be broken. I established that it must've been the reflection of branches from a nearby tree. I walked in my house and got a quick snack before heading upstairs to finish the song. Once it got dark, and  I  still haven't heard from my mom I sort of got a little worried. She is usually home by this time. I decided to give her phone a ring.

I grabbed my cell and saw that it was dead. Great. I walked downstairs to grab the home phone. I dialed my mom's number and was shaken to hear the phone ringing upstairs. I ran up there opened the door and the sight was one of the most gruesome things I have ever witnessed. There she was, laying in a puddle of blood with stab wounds all over her body. I kneeled down shaking her, crying, and screaming, "Wake up! Wake up!" No answer, I looked behind me and saw the broken glass all over and the window broken. The screaming I heard was the sounds of my mother being attack by our neighbor, Chris' dad..

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