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Submitted: February 11, 2013

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Submitted: February 11, 2013



Jo Nesbo is a crime writer from Norway. The most famous novels he has written are about a detective called Harry Hole. A complete alcoholic who has pretty much thrown his life away after becoming obsessed with a case.

I won't tell you much more because if I do, I'll give away some of the twists that Nesbo includes in these books. I think Nesbo is a fantastic author. I haven't even read a bad chapter by this man. All of books get you thinking. They give you knowledge while keeping you on edge. I cannot put his books down when I open them. One thing I love about Nesbo is his character development. By the end of the first book in the Harry Hole series, you feel like you truly know Harry. As if you have met him and worked with him. You know how you would react around him and you respect him. Harry feels like a friend by the end of a novel and that is very rare with most novels. Also no character is left out, small or big, you will know their story and you will feel personally attached.

The twists Nesbo throws in are amazing. You think you know the killer, but you really don't. Nesbo uses words to convince you that you know who it is and why but at the end you'll see everything you missed. Nesbo basically gives away who the killer is during his novels but I am yet to find a person who has ever guessed correctly.

Nesbo also paints wonderfully horrifying images in your head. The images your mind creates are shocking, if they weren't perfectly described you could never imagine them. The stories that he tells with these descriptions and images are beyond comparision. I have never came across another author who can do that.

I think Nesbo is in a rank of his own. If you haven't checked him out, please do.

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