The Angel Within the Shell

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This is a poem about a passing of a loved one. And what I saw in my heart.

Submitted: November 26, 2011

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Submitted: November 26, 2011



She lived through love, hate

hurt and sorrow

emotions and feelings

but when he comes

there's no going back

wishes of death shouldn't be made

they will be regretted once casted

You don't know when he chooses

to come to you but he gives you a warning

that one special day where every one forgives

and has made peace and love

I saw her there living for just a few minutes left

happy that she will be departing

leaving us behind with our own angels

the protectors of the earth

knowing that we will be cared for in every possibility

He came to warn her the angel of the dead and he departed taking a bit of her soul

and left her there just seconds to hold on to

in the bed of her death

then Isee the angel of god he smiles at me

and he takes her in

gravity is broken and she flies

towards heaven she goes

to the kingdom of god she soars

like an eagle

the body is left the shell

that kept the angel with in

who lived a long and happy life

Her last words

"It's so bright"

and she was gone

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