My Love Eternal

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

One day, he would unite her to him. Their love would burn with eternal passion. But, until that day came, she could never know this.

"Do you love me?"

He lowered his head to her breast, pressing his ear into her womanly tissue. Her heart beat strong, pumping throughout her being blood of the purest breed. Untainted. Mortal. Very unlike his own.

"You must know that I do, with every fiber of my wretched being."

She pressed her lips to his hair. Her hand caressed his face; he could smell the contents of the veins in her wrist. It tempted him, taunted him. "You don't want this," he whispered into her palm. "You would surely despise me for all eternity if I did as you ask me to."

Her hands slithered about his neck. "You should know better then to say such things," she scolded gently.

He scoffed. "I am a monster. I do not know what should or shouldn't be done. Morality abandoned me long ago."

She pulled back, forcing him to look at her. "Then you should have no qualms with satisfying a noble woman's sole request. A woman in love…"

With this, she reached behind her, releasing her hair long hair from its jeweled clasp, her chestnut locks falling in delicate tendrils about her face, neck, and shoulders. He moaned at the scent that filled his nostrils, that of honeysuckle and something else uniquely her own.

How he longed to take her!

"Come, be with me tonight. Speak no more of this." He rose, beckoning for her to do the same, but she refused.

"You promised me. This evening…" Her eyes were glassy, doe-like in the candlelight, the magnificent brown irises seeming to draw him even deeper into her innocent soul.

"Such promises… My kind never was good with promises." He broke free of her grasp, moving to the window, out of which the city thrived beneath him. She was soon behind him, her hands about his waist, playing at the buckle of his belt.

"Do you not want me as I want you, then?" Her voice was low, seductive in his ear.

He did not turn to face her. His gaze upon the commotion below was cold, unblinking. "You know I am too strong. Besides this, there would be no purpose. You cannot conceive from me, cannot bear the fruit of our love."

She lay her head in the space between his broad shoulders. "But we could still be beautiful together," she whispered, her eyes closed as she pictured the pair of them, entwined on a bed of satin…

"Enough of this."

His voice, suddenly so cold and threatening, pierced her as if she were under attack by artillery fire. She retreated from him without thought. Was that… fear that she felt?

"You must go now. I cannot bear to look at you a second longer. I will send for you, if I should wish."

She shuddered, tears spilling from her eyes almost at once upon comprehension of his words. She lowered her lids against them.

"Go!" He whirled to face her suddenly, his features a mask of fury, so horrible that it caused her to stumble backwards, away from him. She could only stand to look at him for a moment longer before she turned, rushing towards the door.


He watched her stumble out into the darkened street, blinded by her anguish, and, hysterical, stop a passing carriage to request a lift home.

"From the moment I saw you, I knew that I would have you, my precious…"

One day, she would be like him. They would make a stunning pair, the two of them, linked eternally by their love, a burning passion which was utterly indestructible. This he was sure of.

But, until the day came when he would finally unite her to him, she could never, ever know as such.

Submitted: March 24, 2010

© Copyright 2020 SecretStrangeAngel. All rights reserved.

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Devon Jacob Huebner

this is really good! it started out a little bit.... promiscus. haha i thought it was going to get super bad. like porno! but its actually really good

Wed, March 24th, 2010 2:27am


Haha thanks Devon.

Thu, March 25th, 2010 5:47am

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