All the Summer Tells

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
The story is about a young girl who the summer before heading to Yale goes to France with her family. She finds the true meaning of being a teenage almost adult girl. She has to decide to give up what her parents always wanted for what she truely wants. She runs into many boys who change her point of view over time.

Submitted: May 25, 2012

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Submitted: May 25, 2012



I sit in the small attic apartment my parents and I decided to rent this summer in Paris, and realize all the time I had lost fawning over my lost love.  It is such a drag knowing the guy you thought loved you loved the girl you truthfully could not stand.  I move the armoire where all my summer attire had been housed for the last four months.  I feared the thought of having to pack up my bags and return home to my cold and dreary home in Rhode Island.  I had made a new way of life here, new men new thoughts and most importantly the new me.

*  *  *  *

The plane had landed the in the airport in Paris, and my mother and I brushed up before stepping off the plan into the warm French breeze.  My father as always snickered at our want to look presentable after our 16 hour flight we had endured.  My fathers’ ability to always look presentable often angered my mother who struggled to look young and stay young at the least. I grabbed my carryon which included my laptop and school work I had to complete before heading off to Yale this fall. I would have decided to go anywhere else but my parents had already decided on Yale for me. 

“Eden, please pay attention if you want to get to our apartment at a reasonable time.”  I grabbed my bag and trudged off the plane into the busy Charles De Gaulle airport following the flow of exiting travelers.  My mother walked at a fast pace, running to customs with my father fumbling behind her.  I then saw the extent of my summer and the rush I would be caught in.

We exited the airport in a fast pace and caught ourselves in the center of an entirely different city.  The traffic, the smell reminded me nothing of Rhode Island and that is what made me like it from the start. We caught a cab and headed to address my mother had scribbled on a small white slip of paper.  The house we arrived to was beautifully decorated on the outside.  My face lite up with the idea of a romantic summer in this romantic French home.  The owner of the house Madame Loielle as she introduced herself met us at the door.  The French are not what I thought they would look like they are quite modest and have no features about them that truly stick out.  She lead us up a long staircase that ended at a small door, where me and my mom stood in utter astonishment.  We opened the door that revealed a small two room place with barely any windows.  I just stared at my mother with disbelief.

After Madame Loielle had left me and my father looked at my mother with disappointment. 

“Charlotte, how could you a book a place for 4 months that is this size.”

“Mark, in the pictures it looked a lot larger than this, maybe I can talk to her about finding another place for us to stay.”

I stood waiting for my father to say one of his snarky comments we he blantly states he is way smarter than my mother because he has his Ph.D but it never came.  He just looked at her and walked down the narrow stairs to the outside.  I tried to comfort my mother because I know she had tried hard to plan this trip and it had taken her a long time. 

My father returned and me and my mother sat in agony wondering what he would have to say now.

“Charlotte, it is fine we can make due , we will take the bigger room and give Eden the smaller one let’s not let a attic apartment ruin our summer.”

I looked at my mother is awe, I had assumed he would come up and start yelling like he always had years before.  Maybe this marked a new side of my father the more smooth rolling one that wasn’t protective of his soon to be 18 year old daughter I could only hope.

We headed down stairs to talk to the Madame herself and hear of the rules and regulations that had to be followed while staying in her confinement prison.  I had only thought of what stupid rules could come with staying her upstairs prison as me and my father joked around about. 

“Bonjour, as the French say as I told you before I am Madame Loielle.  I have lived in France since I was a young girl.  There really are no rules to living here just try not to make so much noise and not doing anything to endangering to this country.”

My mother and I looked at her with a face of disbelief.  Did she think that all Americans were crazy? I know there are rumors but truly are American really seen as that bad?  I went up to my room to change my clothes and get ready to go out to diner with my family.  My mother and I had went to the store at home and purchased barrettes to wear.  I grabbed a pair of my shorts a white and blue striped shirt and my barrettes and headed down the long stairs. 

I contemplated what weird exotic restaurant my mother would make me go to, so that we could be fully emersed in the French culture.  I got downstairs and my mom was smoozing with the Madame herself. 

“ Hi, mom so what are we doing for dinner tonight?”

“Ohh Eden, well me and your father were wondering if we could go out just us since our anniversary is next week.”

“Sure mom, what do you want me to do for dinner though?”

“ Madame Loielle, said you can either eat dinner with them or sha esaid she could ask her nephew if you could join him and his friends.”

“ Ok but wouldn’t I be invading on her nephew and his friends or even her family?”

“ Eden she invited you and she said her nephew would probably enjoy new company since he’s been seeming a little sad recently.”

“ Eden my nephew would really enjoy your company I will have him pick you up in 30 mins.”

“ Thank you Madame I will be down here then.”

I headed upstairs to get ready which meant maybe put a little makeup on and fix my hair so I was some-what presentable to go out in public. I looked in the rusty old mirror and looked at the reflection of a girl who was unhappy with herself.  I rebraided my hair, pinning back the lose strains of hair and neatly placed my barrette on top.  I looked down at my wrist watch and realized the Madame’s nephew would be here any minute I grabbed my Fossil satchel and ran down the long stairs.


I got to the bottom of the steps and saw a tall figure with golden blonde hair.  I remembered my reflection in the mirror and began to head upstairs when Madame herself saw me and called me to come downstairs.

“ Eden, come meet my nephew Sebastein.”

I walked over half hazardously wondering if I really looked as bad as I thought I had.  I looked at his face and I felt as if I had a whole butterfly farm inside my stomach.  There was something about him that just made me feel so light so air like. 

“ Hi, Eden I’m Sebastien as my aunt told you, it is really nice to meet you.”

I feel like with one more word he would blow me away, and then I realized I had not responded yet.  I had always been a little shaky when it came to boys.  I seemed to always find myself awkward in front of guys I made myself always seem like I was really weird.

“ Hi, well I guess you get to show me around this amazing city.”

“Yea, I guess im lucky enough too.”

I grabbed my satchel I had packed with extra make up in-case I needed to fix up one of my many flaws.  Which I would because standing next to Sebastien I was like a bag of many flaws.  I jumped in his old styled car that reminded me of one an old French film I had seen when I was younger.  I looked at him get in the car and a thought caught my mind maybe this summer won’t be that bad.


We drove into the center of the city past the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower and found a small cafe, Sebastien had told me about.  I was about to open my car door but he had already run around the car to open it for me.  I had not realized chivalry still existed after all this time.



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