In a Child's World Nobody Dies

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Do you remember Santa Clause, Easter Bunny, your overactive imagination? Where do they go? If you're lucky you may have retained some of that innocence.

Submitted: January 18, 2007

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Submitted: January 18, 2007



In a Child’s World Nobody Dies

Tucked in bed, minus a tooth, you dream.

Poof!  The Tooth Fairy appears and shakes

Her sparkling wand.  A precious gem in the shape


Of a quarter is your reward.  It’s as sweet

As what the Easter Bunny leaves in his wake.

Chocolate treasures hidden in bright eggs.  A dream


Of soft, gooey goodness.  But, keep your dress neat

And smudge free, and cross your legs for goodness sakes.

When did all of these rules start to take shape?


When did your imagination sprout weeds

And your life start revolving around the clock

Instead of your daily childhood dreams?


Once, the old playhouse was your log cabin.  The seat

Of your pioneer adventures in the wild back-

Yard.  You scaled the fence to eat tomatoes.  Its shape,


In your mind, was a treacherous mountain.  Keep

That innocence alive.  Cover little ears.  Take

Caution with harsh words, for only stale dreams

Await when life strangles magic and you change shape.

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