How Time Flies

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A little Diddy on the passing of Time

Submitted: February 25, 2007

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Submitted: February 25, 2007




When I grow up I want to be an artist, play my violin in the orchestra, be an archeaologist

study egyptian mummies, and artifacts from other countries, travel all around the world, get married and have my own little girl

Mommy I want to be older, move out live on my own, make my own choices and have my own home. I don't want adults always telling me what to do, I want to be independent just like you,

The day came when I was finally 21, but it wasn't any different from any other one, I had already tried everything that there was to do, so 21 was not such a big ta doo.

I married young  just to get away from home, and 8 years later again was on my own, only now I had little ones who also needed me. I wondered if I'd ever have time again for me?

Funny how we sometimes wish away the years, and then our wish is granted and we realize in tears, we can never get them back. No more tucking children into bed no more bedtime stories or kissing of foreheads.

Now the ones who needed you are needed by their own and seldom see you or visit now that you're alone.

Mommy I want to grow up and stop always being too young. Child quit wishing your life away and have a little fun today. Oh that I would have listened and enjoyed it while I could, even though life today is still very good.




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