Madness- Dreaming Subconsiously.

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Zombies are taking over and I must stop them from eating me alive in my subconscious dream state. Having to overcome my fear of clowns was the worst of them all.

Submitted: July 02, 2015

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Submitted: July 02, 2015



Quick, get the doors, shut all the entrances. We need to stop them.” My boyfriend said hurrying me into a building that looked like an abandoned store. Some other people that I didn’t know were in the store too. Once everyone was in we blocked off all of the entrances and began to hide.

We could hear the snarling of the Zombies. We decided we would put up some kind of wall to stop them from getting to us. We soon discovered that they reacted to noise so we sat really quiet. Not for long! Someone then moved and knocked down the temporary wall that we had built. They were getting in so we had to run.

Looking behind me, I could see there were millions of zombies following me. I was getting super tired and took a wrong turn down an alleyway. I was directed into a warehouse. We all silently snuck in.After a few minutes of silence. I opened the curtain that was at the back of the warehouse, and saw a zombie staring at me angrily. It growled and came running towards me. I held my hands out to stop it but it did nothing. I fell down to the floor and got bitten. I instantly died, but somehow came back to life.

I transported to another dimension it seemed. I woke up, stunned. I was at one of my old houses (where I used to live). I rubbed my eyes thinking i was dreaming, but could see i wasnt. I got up and walked around, confused. I looked out of the lounge window to see there was a strange clown like man getting out of a black car at the end of my garden. He turned to looked at me and started sprinting towards my front door. I frantically tried to push the door shut and lock it, but I couldn’t. The clown approached the door and pushed the door open effortlessly. He stared at me profusely and laughed. "Can't hide forever. Cant hide forever." He repeatedly whispered. He pushed past me and walked up the stairs.

I could hear him going into one of the rooms. Anxious to see what he was doing, I followed him up. He was going towards a little girl that appeared magically, sat on my bed. I stopped him by jumping in front of him and he grabbed hold of me and randomly kissed me. Things seemed blurred after that but we ended up having sex numerous times and i thought to myself how weird it really was. I sat up on the bed and looked at the clown. "What happened to that little girl?" I asked. He shrugged and got up to go downstairs.

I stood up and looked out of the window. I was shocked by what I saw. More of them were approaching the door, but they all walked with a limp and had bits of skin falling off their bodies. I looked at the clown walking down the stairs to see his skin falling apart.

I screamed very loudly and awoke in a huge sweat.

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