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It is the pulsation of my mind along with the beats of my heart. sometimes you flow and become the river, and that was what I felt while this was written. This was principally about exploring the philosophy of time surpassing science and religion. Some realities about the incapacity of human to evaluate time has also been dealt. This is a nowhere leading essay, yet, I feel you'll enjoy it.

Submitted: May 15, 2011

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Submitted: May 15, 2011



Emptiness is all over and it surrounds me, may be it is the one inside me. Inside and all around me leading me to the eternity, eternity of being. I was not here someday and will not be any longer someday, but above this lies the truth that I always am in various forms. The nature around is me and the nature that is not around is me as well. The fireball, one day, has turned to Mother Earth and someday it too has to fade away to nowhere, to emptiness. I am not trying to be too sadistic but this is the philosophy of life, nothing remains forever for it was not here someday, but something remains eternal; it's the existential form. Time is the greatest illusion it goes on and on, slower or faster, never stopping and I wonder it never has an end. The captivated time is just the projection of our mind, so this time moves according to the state of mind. Today I am writing something and tomorrow when I am in front of my computer and continue writing this is going to be something else. Hard is, in this world, to generalize and speak something that implies cosmopolitan and regardless of time. When we go back to time when we believed in things that were taken for grant based on some rules made by the epics and some holy books, we find no difference with the time we have today with the advancement of science. Science has been recognizing the single most important element of human existence and is doing the same today, further more will be continuing doing the same in near future. Because while we are trying to figure out things of this time, the time passes on and a new mystery of existence will be created. While I am learning more and more there comes something even more sophisticated and I am entangled to it even more, and when I figure out that there will be something else to bother about. This doesn't mean we stay here with hand folded, we surely need to work out and figure out because it has been this way since it all began and will remain the same till the end; or let's say it has no end. A lot of theories has been proposed, some accepted and some declined, I would say each of them are accepted because the mind is the slave of time and what one has thought of is surely the result of time working out through their mind. Mind has no boundaries because time has none. Whenever we are working we are working beyond our own will, it is time that speaks through us. We have seen theories that were not important someday begin to seem and become important at some time back. We wonder if we were born at the time of Galileo, Leonardo da Vinci, Newton; it would have been easier to find things that could mean a discovery, but time is the same even at this hour and there are still more things to discover. Though it seems difficult, it was the same in those day. It was real difficult; to say to someone that earth is round today makes you a joke and you will be ridiculed but it was even more ridiculous those days, not because earth wasn't round, but because it was not accepted. Even the same implies today, philosophical world has grown complicated and has lost what is philosophy. What I write is not important but what my writing brings up in your mind is the real discovery, the real scripts. Being philosophical doesn't mean something out of mind, it comes right from the mind and transcends with time, along time and beyond time. Philosophy may arouse the truth and meanwhile, it can mask the truth. Philosophy, as I believe, is the essence of complete acceptance or complete denial. It is has no rules, even if the rules are made. What I write can be philosophical and can be bullshit, at the same time to different minds. There are a lot of isms that we have created with time, but the truth is every single mind stands for its unique ism. There could be some essential and myriad parts that could be taken for the development and beautification of some other mind and for the expansion of that mind, however, hardly can it be implied as complete replica. Somewhere there is a fine line between the metaphysical and spiritual, that is the transcendental philosophy. Travelling beyond time and space is the result of that union.
It is simply wonderful to wonder what a man’s life can be. There is never a trodden path for a determined man, but a man is trodden by the path he follows. When you behold a light in the far distance is when u find that there is always a way, a hope and a light that brightened your way through the darkness. Memories you keep in mind are less important, things of actual importance are the inferences you possibly can draw out of those memories. Times ought to change but there is always something common in time; it is that, however sad, bad or glad it may be, it has to pass. Passing through the daylight, everything passes but not your dreams. Every night we dream but dream with eyes open under a midday sun is what takes time. Dreams however sweet they may be, one has to bestow his regrets for not having them and feel a shy of relief if they be the bad ones but dreams are dreams and dreams are not what you are but surely are what is in us. A light shines there, where enough vitality for its chances to shine emerges, else it would not have chosen to shine. Years pass on still it seems difficult to reach the contention, and contention is not a full stop there is still lot more to be contending of. Thoreau quotes sauntering as the discovery of the self, however sometimes this may not as well be true. Nature is where we are and what things are like, now. If moving through woods, beautiful mountains and oceans does not appeal the one inside you, it can never be the discovery of yourself. In the busy world right between the society things might be worthy or worthless, but one should go through these in order to know that they are of worth or not. The simple yet beautiful fact about nature is that things are different and difficult. How would had it been if the riddles of life were simple and based on mere facts and figures? There would have been no charm in living; there are woes and there are awes as well. Life as I find is like the steps we learn to walk when we were just learning to walk. At the latter part, the steps take even long time and are bound with riddles that need to be solved in order to put that step ahead. And at last the step seems merely an attempt to unveil to capacity to put another step ahead, and it goes on. Child grows up with perfect innocence which gradually degrades with the ticking of his time clock’s hand. Somewhere I had seen a statement, “Ignorance is bliss”. I don’t accept this, ignorance and bliss as a synonyms do not suit at all, ignorance is a pretence of not knowing and pretence can end up with blissful feeling because bliss comes only when you have tasted something that transcended above your knowledge of taste, you have seen something which discovered some new colors. Instead of ignorance I suggest, “Innocence is bliss”, innocence is a state where knowledge no longer hinders you instead creates a new endeavor.

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