they are not among us

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its about the unification of society

Submitted: April 05, 2015

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Submitted: April 05, 2015



They Are Not Among Us

Groups like ISIS and Al-QAEDA  claims themselves Muslim jihadi groups what kind of Islam they are following Islam forbids sectarianism and killing of people, they are promoting sectarianism (shia ,sunni) they kill innocent people and they claim that they are doing jihad. This is not jihad this is brutalism Islam says if you murder a human being you have murdered the whole humanity. Islam doesn’t used the word don’t kill “Muslims” infect it has used the word “human” so its mean Islam doesn’t support the killing of innocent people irrespective of their religion whether they are Christians hindus or jews, Islam condemn the killing of innocent people. These groups are not Islamic jihadis groups they are crooked minded humans infect they should not be called humans they don’t possess morality. Their brutal acts making islam notorious. They modify the verses of QURAN according to their wishes and promote fitna just because of these notorious groups whole world see muslims with suspicious eyes. In my opinion the approach of these groups is rigid because they have just studied DEEN while islam emphasizes on study of “deen” and as well as “duniya”. Being muslim and a good citizen its our duty to shunned cast, creed and sectarianism. I don’t understand why we always say im shia or sunni why don’t we say we are muslims ?? sectarianism is the main cause of fabrication of muslims if we want to prevail islam we should be united and treat everyone as a human being whether he is jew or Christian because everyone deserve the seat at the table of humanity.


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