A Piece of My Hollow.

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Well, on a cold night, mind full of previous events... I wrote and wrote and wrote...

Submitted: April 03, 2012

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Submitted: April 03, 2012



I remember, those days... Where everyday seemed so exciting and happy...

Where nothing could crush our dreams and our happiness.

Where the world was a ray of bright colours, life and love.


Then our dreams, cruely crushed my the harsh truths of reality.

Our happiness formed into various depths of depression,

Dreams moulded into nothing but exaggerated fears,

Bright colours wealded into dark shades of grey,

and love, so sweet and delicate turned into a sharp, spiteful hate.


Our light, slowly sinking deeper in our conciousness,

waiting for the day of it's glorious return.

Until that day our hollow bodies walk, sit, wait...

Waiting to share their own piece of hollow with another like them.


I have been cursed with my own piece of hollow,

and you, with yours alone...

Her, with her piece of hollow,

and him with his too.

But if I had to choose anyone in this whole entire world,

I would share my piece of hollow, with you.




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