Different Colored Eyes

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My first short story which might turn out to be a very sort book with chapters. This story is about a 17 year old boy who meets a special girl who changes he's life even though he only knows her for a little while.

Submitted: January 30, 2012

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Submitted: January 30, 2012



I've never liked short stories. I never liked short books either. I always preferred long beautiful stories.

But she maked me wont to write ever since I first saw her.I also know this will be a short story because I only know her for a short time.

But she maked me want to write and sing and dance. She also made me want to paint her over and over again to study her face closer.

The first time I saw her was at a train station. She was by herself watching people get on and off.

The stricking thing about her that caught my attention was her hair. It wasnt blond or brown or red.

It wasn't blue or purple or any dyed color. It was white with streaks of pitch black.

Her hair wasnt the most striking thing about her though. Her eyes were amazing too.

One was blue with sections of gray and the other a startling hazal color.

She was the most amazing creature I'd ever seen and i instantly want to paint her.

This was no surprise because i had painted many thing but not many people and I'd never felt this strong urge.

I just knew I had to learn about her, but the problem was how? Seventeen year old boys don't walk up to random girls and ask to paint them.

And to make things worse she could jump on any train and be gone forever before I could be sure she existed.

So I did just that I walked over to a completley strange girl and asked her if i could paint her.

At first she seemed completely suprised to see a boy about her own age with floppy brown hair and an uneven smile talking to her.

Then she opened her mouth and in the most polite british accent I'd ever heard she said,

"Why would you want to do that ? Because you think I'm a freak"

I shook my head quickly and I must have look totaly shocked and mortified because she burst out laughing.

"'I'll take that as a no"

She said and I was so realived I sunk down beside her on the bench

"Hi, my name is Sam"

I said feeling kinda stupid that I hadn't even told her my name before asking if I could paint her.

"Mine's Naira Belle"

Her name fit her perfectly as her different colored eyes. I must have gotten lost in thought because next thing I know she's asking me

"So do you walk up to all the girls in the train staition and ask to paint them?"

Suprised i shock my head wondering if she thought i was the freak now. Or if she thought I was mute so I said

"No, I asked you because for some reason as soon as I saw you I wanted to paint you"

She looked half flattered and half irritated. Crossing her arms over her chest she said

"It's called Waardenburg sydrom you now, you dont have to beat around the bush. I know I don't look right"

Shaking my head again quicker this time because this is not going as well as I planed. Not much of a plan though.

"You look perfect and thats why I want to paint you"

This gets her attention and she stares at me a few seconds before saying

"Fine, I just so happens I'm staying with relitives around here"

She writes down an adress and then she stands up brushes off her skirt and walks away. Leaving me with mixed feelings, hopes and a whole lot of questions.

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