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Lol this is a short funny story I wrote for school cuz we had to write a short story it was just supposed to be funny but I decided that I was going to put it up anyway mind you it must be the absolutely silliest and worst story I've ever written lol

Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012



Once upon a time in a kingdom far away there was a sassy princess named Mary and her faithful

hand maiden Rory. Mary was engaged to a very handsome prince from London (keep in mind this is

is medieval Londan). His name was Sweeney Todd and he was very, very HOTT!!! Mary loved him

very much (she didnt really know him but she know he was hot) and was happy to marry him. Her

friend Rory thought he was hot but she didnt want to marry him for she was in love with the brave

Sir Michael of the Awesome Table for he was very kind. (which meant he looked hot on a horse)


One day the sassy princess decided to go on a quest. So she asked her faithful hand maiden Rory 

"What is it you comon folk are talking about these days?" 


"Um... We common folk? Really!! Whatever anyway apparently there is an annoying dragon that

keeps frying our pigs" she retorted with her usual annoyance 


" Oh, Well I'm bored of combing my hair so I guess I'll go slay the dragon with yours and Sir

Michael of the AT's help"


"OH! What great fun!" said Rory with an eye roll but she know her mistress would not be convinced

other wise. 


So they hunted down Sir Michael and when they found him he was with his childhood friend 

Cassidy the Scarecrow. They readily agreed to the great quest and they were off within the hour. 

On there way they met a witch named Marissa. She said that she knew a way to kill the dragon so

now there were 5 people on the quest. 

Finally they got to the dragons layer. It stunk of bacon and when they walked in there were pills of

bones. This is when Mary started to have some doubts but then the dragon appeared. And she was

wearing an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow poke a dot bikini that she wore for the first time today!

Hey! They were all so terrified they couldnt move. Then the dragon breathed firey breathe and in a

flash insensated Cassidy in the blink of an eye. This broke the spell and everyone started moving


Marissa the witch snapped into action. Reaching into a secret compartment in her pants and pulled

out a bucket of sparkles and goodness. Then she throw it on the mighty dragon. The dragon

screamed and melted into a pill of gulp. Just then Sweeney came riding in on a white horse and

throw a spear at the melting dragon and because he wasnt the smartest bean he thought he had

killed it. 

"I killed it" he exclaimed 


Marissa hearing this said "Oh hell no you didnt! Im going to have sparkles coming out of my pants

for weeks and goodness is litterally a pain in the butt!" 

With that she cursed Sweeney so he wasnt so hot. Therefore Mary dumped him and Rory got

married to Sir Michael and they lived happly ever after until they had kids. 


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