The Wolf and the Cat

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One day a lone wolf stumbles upon a tall tree to find a cat stuck in it. The wolf helps the cat from the tree and they both become friends and evenually have to battle against darkness to save their friendship.

Submitted: September 30, 2011

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Submitted: September 30, 2011



The Wolf and the Cat

One day, one cold chilly day a wolf whose coat was as blue as the night sky came walking along a path through the trees. “This day seems strange,” the wolf sighed as he watched his paws press against the ground as he walked.

“Hey,” said a small voice as the wolf walked by a tall tree. “Up here,” said the small voice, so the wolf looked up to see a bright orange cat sitting on a branch.

“What do you want Cat?” The wolf asked the cat as the cat looked down to him.

“I climbed up this tree to get away from a bear. I can’t climb down. I think I’ve gotten stuck. Will you help me get down from this tree?” the Cat asked the wolf.

“How am I supposed to get you down Cat? I can’t climb trees and I can’t jump high,” The wolf said as he took a few more steps.

“Please, help me get down,” The cat begged.

“Sorry Cat,” The wolf sighed.

“No, no, come back Wolf,” Cat meowed after him. “It’s getting dark out and I don’t want to be left all alone,” Cat cried.

“I have to go and get something to eat before I starve,” Wolf mumbled as he vanished in the night.

The cat looked down at the ground so far away. “I don’t want to be left all alone up here,” He cried.

“Then jump,” said a deep dark voice.

“The ground is too far away,” Cat said as he looked at the ground.

“If you don’t jump you’ll start to grow hungry and starve,” The dark voice laughed at the cat who couldn’t get out of the tree.

“Who are you?” The cat yelled into the trees.

“I’m everything, I am nothing, but let’s just say, I’m what is all of your worst fears,” the dark voice whispered causing the cat’s coat to stand on the ends of his hairs.

“Stop talking to me,” Cat hissed into the dark.

“Cat, what are you talking to?” Wolf asked as he stepped out of the darkness dragging a small chicken with him.

“Oh, Wolf, you’ve come back for me,” Cat smiled joyfully.

“While I was away I couldn’t stop thinking about how guilty I was for just leaving you here,” Wolf sighed. “I don’t know how to get you down but I have to try,” Wolf said as he looked up at the cat. “There are all kinds of beasts that wander this dark. It would be a crime to leave you there this night. Besides, two is always better than one,” Wolf said as he looked at the chicken. “I brought us some food to eat for this night but first we have to get you down,” Wolf said to the cat. “You’re going to have to jump Cat,” Wolf said to the cat who grew scared.

“If I jump down I’ll get hurt.”

“No you won’t. I’ll catch you on my back,” Wolf said as he stood under the cat.

Cat jumped down and landed on Wolf's back. “I did it, I jumped,” Cat said as he sat on Wolf’s back.

“Here, eat some food and we’ll be on our way,” Wolf said as Cat slipped off his back then used his front feet to drag himself to the chicken. “What is wrong with your legs?” Wolf asked cat who ate some chicken.

“They are broken. They’ve been broken ever since I was young,” Cat said as he looked at Wolf.

“How do you get around all the time?” Wolf asked.

“I drag myself around on my belly,” Cat answered, then Wolf got the cat on his back again.

“I’ll carry you on my back so that you can move through the trees at lightning speed with me,” Wolf said sadly as he began to walk.

“Thank you Wolf. Thank you so much for coming back for me,” Cat said joyfully as Wolf dashed through the trees.

For days the cat and the wolf ran through the trees catching abundant amounts of food through these many days. Wolf rested one day, with cat on his belly. “Thank you again my kind friend,” Cat mumbled as he purred.

“Thank you Cat for being my friend,” Wolf said back to the cat.

“Aw, how touching is this?” Asked a deep voice in the dark of the night.

“Who’s there?” Wolf growled as he stood over cat to protect him.

“I’m the dark,” the voice laughed. “I’m Cat’s worst fears. Soon I’ll be yours,” the voice hissed at Wolf and Cat.

“You won’t be able to touch Cat and I,” Wolf growled.

“Why so?” The dark asked the Wolf.

“Because we’re friends and I won’t be letting you hurt my friend,” Wolf growled.

“Don’t be silly you dog. You can’t win against darkness for it is night, there is no light,” the dark laughed at the wolf who looked around in worry.

“You’re right, there is no light but I don’t need light. I have my friend and when I’m with my friend we have a light, a light that you can’t see. We’ve already won against you Dark,” Wolf growled into the dark.

“So it seems you have but I’ll get you one day. I’ll get you one day while you sleep,” Dark said as the forest grew quiet.

“You’ll never get us. Friendship never fades, it never dies that’s the way a bond is. It doesn’t fade, it never fails but you wouldn’t understand that Dark you don’t have any friends,” Wolf said as the forest grew noisy again then the sun rose to the sky.

“You’ve won this time but next time I won’t be so nice,” Dark hissed as he faded away.

After that night the wolf and the cat lived together as the best of friends and they stayed friends to the very end. Their tale still lives on in the wind and the hearts of those who remember.

© Copyright 2017 Seiiki Akuma. All rights reserved.

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