Deal with the devil

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

She has a dark past she's desperately trying to run away from.
He. He just wants her future.
She isn't so sure, but really, does she have a choice? .. Or, does she ever?
He's dominant, possesive, controlling and not afraid to let her know exactly what he wants.
So.. She made a deal, with the devil.

Rated M for mature.

Table of Contents


His hand started moving downward with it, tracing the line of her skirt for a mere second before he let it slide under, and under the nex... Read Chapter

Where it all began, or so, she thought.

Lane ‘’Oh I’ve missed this so much,’’ the girl let out a deep sigh. Opening up two more buttons of her black blouse, with o... Read Chapter

You are mine.

Lane Shooting up in her bed the only thing she felt was urgency. As if there was something she’d forgotten that needed serious tend... Read Chapter

Getting clear and acquainted

Rian ‘’Hi,’’ he pointed at the bench across from hers, both connected to that very picknick table he’d been watching for mo... Read Chapter

Breaking and entering

Rian ‘’Stupid girl,’’ he muttered as he slid up her window and let himself into her bedroom. For someone so afraid of his pre... Read Chapter

Deal with the devil

Rian He’d told her over three weeks ago to just do as she usually did. He just wanted to have her get comfortable with his presence... Read Chapter

It starts with a touch

Rian ‘’And? Progress?’’ He didn’t quite jump anymore at the hard thud of her body landing beside him. Her black long hair b... Read Chapter

A little competition goes a long way

Rian ‘’Rian.’’ The redhead drug his attention right back to her the moment she’d finished blabbing her mouth off over the l... Read Chapter

The kindred spirit

Lane ‘’I brought wine,’’ he smiled at her, the very moment she opened the door. Bottle in hand and dressed to perfection. ‘... Read Chapter

Shades of the past

Lane Rian just sat there, arms and legs crossed on her desk, staring at her as he usually did. He wasn’t the slightest bit nervous ... Read Chapter

Sparks of the future

Rian ‘’That went well?’’ She sighed out, plumping herself down on the couch beside him. It sounded like a question rather tha... Read Chapter

The loyal disciple

Lane ‘’It’s so big.’’ She’d expected him to live in a proper house, he seemed to be financially secure and all but this w... Read Chapter

Sneaking around

Lane ‘’He’s still in love with you, it’s fucking obvious, he stares at you all throughout lunch,’’ Blair was making her c... Read Chapter

Trigger town

Rian ‘’Hey, hey,’’ he didn’t dare admit he’d actually grown accustomed to seeing Blair’s red hair every day, hearing he... Read Chapter

Mending fences and wicked proposals

Rian He just sat there, quietly, on the couch watching her watch tv. The girl knew how to hold a grudge. She’d been mad at him for ... Read Chapter

Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind

Rian ‘’How do I even know when someone likes me?’’ Maddie sighed out, pouting desperately up at Lane who was diligently pluck... Read Chapter

Family first

Lane Rian was pretty quiet in the car, sighing out from time to time. He was clearly upset with what had happened and she couldn’t ... Read Chapter

Happy birthday

Rian ‘’So, there is a way?’’ ‘’I’m very glad you ask,’’ the man smiled at him. Something that usually didn’t ... Read Chapter

Stay or Leave, or, the truth, maybe?

Lane ‘’You’ve been very giddy the past two weeks,’’ Joel not so subtly commented on her relaxed demeanour. Of course she wa... Read Chapter

Truth and consequences

Rian ‘’So?’’ Maddie scoffed, throwing her little red riding hood like coat off her onto the backrest beside him. ‘’I ... Read Chapter

The tyrant

Rian ‘’Get up.’’ Joel groaned, loudly in an overexaggerated pained roar. ‘’You’re a tyrant,’’ he commented, cla... Read Chapter

Break up, Make up?

Lane ‘’I don’t know Blair, I don’t even know how to talk to him. Whenever we do talk I just don’t know what to say,’’ s... Read Chapter

The virgin

Lane ‘’You look happy,’’ Joel suspiciously commented, looking her up and down as she ate her cereal at the breakfast table. H... Read Chapter

Happy endings, and new beginnings

Lane ‘’No kissing in my house,’’ Rian growled the very moment he walked in. Eyes burning on Joel’s slightly scared and wide... Read Chapter