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Kinda what's in my head.

Submitted: February 11, 2008

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Submitted: February 11, 2008



Sitting in a lonely room, one man sat in the center of the floor, his arms bound tight to his sides from the straitjacket he was wearing, a wicked grin on his face. The lights flickered once, he took no notice. The lights flickered twice, still nothing. It was only when the lights went out and the room was filled with a red glow that he looked up at the light.

His eye twitched as he saw a large shadow creep up the wall in front of him, and soon a large, wooden hand. He tried to let out a scream of terror, but nothing escaped his throat.

Another large, splintering hand came form the wall, and pulled a large, demonic head out, staring at the man with a bloodied grin. The man kept his eyes locked on the deep, empty, black eye sockets, before his own body became tense, and jerked against the wall behind him, the large puppet just staring, before the man heard a large roar, but it wasn't vocal, it was in his head.

His ears began to bleed, causing him to thrash his legs against the wall, but he could not bring himself to make a noise, and soon, his eyes turned a deep red from blood filling his eyelids. He tried blinking the blood away, but it seemed to solidify over his eyes, but not in a normal way, in a way like a pair of contacts. Everything he saw was red.

The Monster in front of him laughed, still in the man’s head. “You are dark… definitely not too bright.. Yes.. You will be our slave forever on from this night.” the beast spoke in the man’s head, before the man dropped on to the ground, the straightjacket missing.

The beast disappeared, leaving a large hole in the wall, and the man grinned darkly, his eyes still coated red, and his face striped in his blood, before running out of the room, and heading in to what seemed to be an unoccupied Surgery Room and quickly grabbed a scalpel from the table, and ran out the unlocked door, in to the halls.

Immediately, a young nurse looked at the man and screamed, “Doctor! Doctor! Someone’s escape---” was all she had time to yell, before the man dug the scalpel in to her chest, the blade slicing through her skin, laughing as he listened to her scream in pain, watching the blood from her body slide down the blade on to his hand.

After a second or two, the psycho pulled the blade up, burrowing the sharp tool up her chest, under he was stopped by her rib cage, and just kicked her in the gut, knocked her flat on her back, a small puddle of her crimson fluids pooled around her, slowly.

He laughed and looked at the body in front of him and stepped over it, walking on down the hall, only to hear the word “Halt!”. He was soon confronted by two officers with Stun Guns. One immediately fired his, sending the wired piece in to the man’s chest, the needles piercing and immediately sending high jolts of electricity in to his body.

He grinned darkly, and walked towards them, before taking a step back as the other burrowed it’s needles in to him, and began to shock him. He laughed, as if he felt nothing, and took slow steps towards the officers, “Hush little baby, don’t you cry.. It’s not my fault your mother died.. I’m here sing this sorrowful tune, I hope it’s enough to comfort you..” the man said in a strained voice, before ripping the wires from his chest, and dashing at the pigs, before throwing the scalpel he had in his hand.

The tip of the scalpel pierced in to one of the officer’s throat, while the other stared in shock. The man merely continued singing his tune while he jumped on the other, and shoved the spikes of the Stun gun in to the pig’s face, and immediately started shocking himself. The man laughed and stood up, jogging down the halls, and listening to the echo of his foots steps, and screams of the one he had forced in to shocking himself.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the building..

“Doctor! Edward Karniggan has escaped! He’s on a rampage! He’s already killed three people!” yelled a young man as he ran in to the main office.

The doctor looked at the man and quickly got up, “We need to get him down, now!” He said quickly, and turned to the intercom, and flipped the switch, before picking up the microphone.

“Edward! What are you doing?!” the doctor said in the intercom as he flipped through the surveillance camera’s video feeds, before stopping at one seeing the horrific sight of Edward slamming a doctor’s face in to a door handle, repeatedly, “Oh god, Edward! Stop it!” The doctor yelled over the intercom.

Edward grinned and held the now dead doctor by the hair in his right hand, and held it up, showing the camera, “You’re next, Dr. J!” he yelled and laughed, before slamming the head in to the door handle once more, and leaving it propped up to the door as he ran off, laughing..

Dr. Jared shook his head and sighed, turning around and looking around the empty room, before walking over to the coffee machine, and poured himself a cup. He didn’t add sugar, or cream, but moved the coffee pot and turned on the machine. He placed the cup on the pad, and sat down, waiting for Edward to come.

Not even five minutes later, Edward walked up to the door where Jared was. However, he didn’t touch the handle, or even the door, just stood outside of it, singing in a tone that Jared couldn’t describe to himself other than the word ‘insane’.

“Hush little baby, don’t you cry.. Yes it was I who made your mother die.. Now it’s your turn!” he yelled, abruptly changing the words and singing to a comment, before kicking the door, throwing it open.

Dr. Jared picked up the now smoking cup, at his own expense, and threw it at the now open door. The coffee cup seemed to smash in to nothing, but the shatter was loud. The cup fell to the floor, but not before a shadow appeared in front of Edward. From the shadow, arose a wooden man, dressed in a robe with painted snakes.

The robed puppet looked at Jared with small, red eyes, and raised it’s hand at him. With a snap of it’s wooden fingers, the doctor started screaming. A horrid smell that lingered through the room, making Edward grin.

Dr. Jared howled and yelled, throwing himself on the ground, holding his stomach, before the sight of burn skin of a corpse was seen. The poor doctor had been burned alive, from the inside. Edward grinned, watching Jared’s skin melted away to reveal flames rising from the body.

The wooden mage looked at the burning corpse before turning around and looking at Edward, before vanishing in to a shadow.

Edward watched the scene, before rubbing his nose and walking away from the foul stench in the room, which had also been set aflame. He walked down the hall, following the exit signs. He grinned as he walked in to the waiting room, which was filled with unknowing people.

“I would suggest you.. Haha.. L-Leave..” Edward said to them, grinning, not wanting to try to kill them all, as there were too many for him. He laughed darkly as they looked at his blood stained face and clothing, before running out of the building, screaming. Edward followed them, before stopping as soon as he saw the scene outside, “Did they.. Pull the military out of their fucking asses?!” Edward yelled, looking at the Special Armed Forces outside the glass doors.

The Psycho shook his head and looked around, before walking back inside the hallways, and towards a supply closet. He undressed himself and put on a new set of clothes, which happened to be an janitor’s outfit, and put on a pair of glasses, before running out of the closet, and back in to the waiting room, “He’s insane! I saw him kill so many people!” Edward yelled as he ran out the glass doors. He ignored the police, and just ran down the street, yelling, “He’s going to kill us! All of us! He has demons on his side!”

After he was a block or two away, he began laughing, and took off the glasses, “..Hush little baby, don’t say a word.. Because if anyone finds out I’ll end your world..” He sang to himself as he walked down the sidewalk, heading to where he was beckoned, or as he felt that he should go.

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