Nightmare to Reality

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A girl is buried alive

Submitted: February 09, 2008

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Submitted: February 09, 2008



A young girl slept, her breathing slow. Her breaths heard as a wheeze. Unable to say a word. Her thoughts coming slow, but still there. She awoke only for a minute to hear her thoughts, 'Why.. What... What did I do... Why did I.. So much pain.. Sleep...' were her thoughts, before she passed out, only to endure more suffering in her dreams.

Her dream was this. One of her ribs were broken, so she could not breath well. She was in a closet. He face was cut, so she felt pain. Her body was numb, so she could not move. Left alone in the closet, sobbing. That was her dream. A dark dream. All pain and suffering. Yes.. That was her dream.

She awoke in a dark room, unknowing where she was. It seemed she had been moved, but it was too dark to see. She saw nothing in the darkness. She felt no pain, which was odd after what the man had done to her. She looked around, and attempted to stand. Only to be stopped by hitting her head on the ceiling. She felt around only to find she was in a very small space. She tried to scream but nothing came from her mouth. Not a sound.

She began to cry once more, memories of her dream appearing underneath her eyelids. She couldn't stop it, and she could not yell. Her throat was dry. She was scared, she was alone. She had figured out where she was, and made no move to get out. She did not wish to further her pain. Air was growing thin in her coffin. She cried softly, and prayed for a savior. Begging her god for rescue.

She began to pass, when she heard scraping from a shovel and dirt. Her eyes shot open when she heard the coffin being tapped with the shovel, so she raised her hand, and with all her strength, hit the roof of the coffin. She heard a man yell, and drop the shovel, before opening the coffin, only to find a freshly dead body.. The girl having used the last of her strength to get the man's attention

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