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Bailey and Kyle have been friends forever, they do homework together and hang out alot. But they aren't together. One day everything is normal until someone breaks in and takes bailey. Will they get her back? Will bailey come out alive and well? You'll just have to read to find out ;-) (sort of long but I don't think it would exactly be a book)

Submitted: January 02, 2011

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Submitted: January 02, 2011



I screamed but it was muffled into the fabric of the gag. "Shut up.'' He bit at me. I didn't even know this man. I didn't know the girl that was helping him ether. I also didn't know where I was being held. I didn't know more than I knew right now. I didn't like it ether.

"Hey Bailey wait up!" My friend Kyle called down the hall as I made my way down the steps in front of the school. "Hey Kyle." I called not even having to look at him to know that he was smiling like he knew something no one else did. Kyle lived on my street and our parents were friends so we were pretty close. He had dark brown hair and piercing green eyes, he was almost a foot taller than me too. I was like the complete oppisite of him. I was dirty blond with blue gray eyes and tall for a girl but still short compared to most of my friends. We talked while we walked home and I could understand why everyone thought we were together since we were always hanging out or near each other. But we weren't. Tonight he was hanging out at my house until his parents came over for dinner. "Hey Ryan I'm home!" I called up to my twin brother who was home because he got a concussion playing football for our school. "Hey Bails. Hey Kyle." He called from the couch that he was watching Inception from. "Hey lazy." Kyle said to him ruffling his hair. "Shut up! You know if I could I would be out on the field or running somewhere." I laughed because I loved it when they argued like brothers, it was cute. I picked up a pillow and hit Kyle with it "Let's go start homework." I saidstarting to laugh at the face he made. He nodded and we pounded up the stairs to my room. Now typicly people would frown upon two teenagers going to a bedroom and closing the door but we had done this since we started getting homework. We would always either be at my house or his house like all the time.

I laughed at something Kyle said before I heard a big bang from downstairs. I stopped and quietly got up. "What the hell?!" Ryan yelled. "Get out of here! BAILEY CALL THE COPS!" Oh my god. What the heck was happening. I started to shake and Kyle grabbed my hand while I picked up my phone. "911 what's your emergency." An extreamly bored female voice came from the other side of the phone. "I have someone that jus-" I trailed off as I heard a thump from downstairs and then feet coming up the stairs and walking towards my room. My heart skipped a beat as the door knob twisted. Kyle hugged me to his chest and I swear he had this really protective look in his eyes, like he would take a bullet for me right now. A tall man with his face covered with a ski-mask sort of thing that only showed his eyes and part of his nose burst in the door holding a knife. "I'm not afraid to use this knife." He warned us. ''What do you want?" Kyle asked through clenched teeth. "The girl." My heart jumped into my throat. I didn't know him, how did he know me? What did he want with me? "Never." Kyle answer almost yelling. He pushed me closer to him. "Alright, I guess I'll have to just take her by force." He said, his voice perfectly level. What the hell did he mean by "By force"? He came closer to us, Kyle let go of me and guided me behind him. The strange man charged at him with the knife but Kyle moved to the side bringing me with him. A single silent fearful tear rolled down my face. Kyle looked at me out of the corner of his eye and I could understand what he meant "you alright?" I nodded. In the few seconds that it took Kyle to check on me he got a knife to the arm. He screamed as the knife dragged a few inches more and he doubled over in pain. "Kyle!" I yelled. "Never let me get her huh? You just failed. What a bad boyfriend." He walked closer to me and grabbed my arm hard. He started to forcefly drag me towards the door. I resisted. "Kyle! Ryan! Someone help." I yelled. "Stop. No one is going to help you. Now shut up or I'll use my gun." Gun? This just gets better and better doesn't it? I got quiet but when I saw Ryan laying on the floor unconcious and Kyle trying to follow us I lost it. "HELP!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. "You little bitch!" The man mummbled and pulled out a gun. Shit. He aimed at my foot and pulled the trigger. There was the sound of the shot then silence before I screamed in pain. "Hopefully that will keep you quiet now." He said dragging me out the front door. I stole a glance at Kyle and there was deffinitly pain in his eyes and not physical pain.

The man took me to the back of his van and threw me in it. "Not a word." He hissed at me. I started to feel like I was going to pass out from the pain and the reliasation of what was happening. I was being kidnapped, and there was no one that could help me. The van started with a low grumble and backed out of my driveway. I wasn't being held in by anything so I was just slidding around in the back of the van. Not fun with my foot. Why did he choose to shoot me in the foot if he's just probably just gonna kill me anyway? I stayed quiet until the van's rumble stopped and we stopped moving. Where were we? He walked over to the back doors and flung them open. "Come on. Don't talk." He spat. As soon as he grabbed me I tried to break away from his grasp but he tightened his grip. He mumbled some words that I couldn't make out before leading me into a house that could be better described as a shack. There was a girl in the shack that also had her face covered. "Nice work." She said. I thought I knew the voice but quickly got rid of that idea because how would I know my kidnapper and posible killer? The man walked toward a door and dragged me along with him. He opened it to reveal a set of stairs. He pushed me towards them. "Go." He comanded. I slowly walked down the stairs and into what looked like an oversized prison cell. "This is where you'll live for now. Nice isn't it? You will not talk, you will not try to get away or I will lock the door with just me and you down here. You wouldn't be coming back up." Alright, I guess that I should be quiet then. I deffinitly wanted to get back to Kyle, Ryan and my parents and friends. I assumed that he would just go upstairs but instead he walked closer to me and started to try to kiss me. "Stop!" I yelled. Ops. He shook his head gently and took out a knife. Was this man made of weapons? He grabbed my face and tilted my head back. "No!" I yelled. Why couldn't I keep quiet? He pushed the knife into the apple of my right cheek and a drop of blood rolled down my face. I pushed my eyes tighter together in pain instead of yelling which would probably get me killed. ''Good girl, she's learning Mark." The man "Mark" gave the woman a mean look before nodding. She walked over to me and tied a piece of cloth over my mouth so I didn't talk. She slapped me across the face while she was there probably just to test how much of my screams would be muffled by the gag. I yelled and the part of my face that got hit became numed. "Perfect.She's all yours Mark." I said with an evil smirk. Mark came close to me and watched me for a minute before quickly lashing at my leg that was outstreached in front of me. I felt it snap. I screamed but it was muffled into the fabric of the gag. "Shut up.'' He bit at me. I didn't even know this man. I didn't know the girl that was helping him ether. I also didn't know where I was being held. I didn't know more than I knew right now. I didn't like it ether.

Back home Kyle was on the ground bleeding and trying to stay concious. Ryan on the other hand was still knocked out and this was hours later. "Ryan, Bailey? We're home!" Mom called happily from the front door before seeing Ryan and Kyle and screaming. Dad rushed in to see what was wrong. He paused scanning the room before noticing that I wasn't there while my mom was on the phone with the police. "Kyle what happened to Bailey?" He asked assuming I wasn't home at the time and was still with whoever. "Bailey," He moaned. Out of breath. "He took her. She was shot. Not sure where she is now." He managed to get out. My mom fed the information to the police before mummbling a thank you. "What are we going to do Kurt?" She asked him starting to cry. "We have to find her." He replied. "Bailey." Kyle moaned again. "We're going to find her." My dad answered trying to comfort him. "I love you, Bailey." He said before passing out. Thankfully the police and peridmedics rushed into the house to help Kyle and Ryan and talk to my parents soon after Kyle was unconcious.

Maybe I will die. I sit on the floor with a broken leg and with a piece of cloth over my mouth so no one hears me. I have alot of brusies from all the times that Mark and the girl have hit me and punched me and things like that. I have been here for a whole day and my positive attitude is dying. I heard the door to my chamber of a basment slam and Mark pound down the stairs. "Here." He meanly gave me food almost throwing it. He then walked behind me to untie my gag I knew but I still cringed. "That's the reaction we want but not now." He laughed. It sounded almost kind. What the hell? As soon as the gag was off Mark went back upstairs which meant that he couldn't stop me from screaming. Maybe someone would hear me. "HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. The woman (whose name I still didn't know) came down the stairs. I knew it was her because she didn't make as much noise on her way down. "Good, now you lost eating prevlages {Spelling check}." She ripped the food out of my hand and re-tied the gag. At least I yelled as loud as I could so any chances of me getting out of here relied on if anyone heard it, let's hope someone did.

Kyle woke up in an almost totally white room with both of his parents sitting in blue plastic chairs on the side of his very uncomfortable bed. He had a little bit of a headache and his arm was stiched up but other than that he felt fine. "Kyle?" His mom asked timidly. "You can talk to me Mom I'm not going to break down or anything." He said sort of mad. "I know. Just everything you have been through in the last 24 hours." His mom said back. He shook his head. "Ryan?" He asked his dad hopping that he would at least be able to talk to him normally. "In a coma." He answered back almost mechanicly. He closed his eyes preparing for the worst. "Bailey?" He asked. "No one has anymore information. You actually know the most right now." His mom answered the question that wasn't meant for her. "We talked to Bailey's mom and dad. Before you passed out you had like a one way conversation with Bailey who wasn't there, you told her you loved her." His mom filled him in smiling the whole time. "Well I do." He nodded casually. "I thought so." Said my mom walking into his room.

I'm so tired but I'm afraid to go to sleep. They will kill me or something. I have been here 3 days. It seems like my screaming attempt was useless but it was worth a try. Both Mark and the woman came down here to smack me around a little. I also learned that the woman's name was Brianna. Mark and Brianna decided that today they wouldn't hurt me physically but insted they would sit and stare at me for hours and mess with my head. I ignored them but tried to scream and thrash even though they were down there. "Let's go Mark." Brianna mummbled. They disappeared through the door at the top of the stairs. I heard another bang after that, like a second door and a car starting. They were going out! I tried to untie the gag and settled to cut it once I got upstairs. I tried to get up but my leg killed, I yelped in pain everytime I stepped with it. So much for walking upstairs. I heard a noise that I didn't recognise through the walls. I yanked at my gag and ended up pulling it down far enough to reveal my mouth. "Help!" I screamed and the noise outside stopped. I yelled out again and put my ear up to the wall, they were human voices! I kept yelling and before long the people outside realized that there was a person in the house that was calling out for help. "Hold on!" Came a muffled voice but I thought I recognised it as Kyle's brother Jake. I heard sirens coming towards me and "Jake" calling down to me that I'd be fine. "Jake?" I called back through. I think the shock hit him before he answered since his answer was delayed about a minute. "Bailey?" Kyle called back. I yelled back an answer and he was filling me in on what happened, the state Ryan was in and that I was on the news and about everywhere else being searched for. He was out hiking and we were on some moutian. That was all he got to tell me before the sirens stopped in front of the house. I heard 3 knocks on the front door and a man call "Police." They tried a few more times before settling with just breaking down the door. "Bailey Williams?" A female voice called. "Basment!" I screamed back. "Freeze!" I heard Mark's voice come from the top of the stairs. I was being gaurded by Mark but why didn't he stop me from talking to the people outside? I listened more to his voice and it sounded like he was just waking up. The door opened and slammed shut, I heard a small click as the lock was flicked. Mark's huge feet pounded down the stairs with a needle. "You will pay for turning us in you little bitch." He spat at me. "No!" I screamed relizing he was trying to drug me. Boom! The door was broken down and men in police uniforms pounded down the stairs insted of the usual crew of Mark and Brianna. I saw Kyle and Jake in the front of the group, Jake with his hand on Kyle's sholder holding him back. "I'll stab her if any of you come one inch closer or pull a weapon." Mark bellowed. I didn't see anyone move but Mark turned and roughly stabbed the needle into my arm which I yelled out in pain at. The world started to spin as soon as he took the needle out after emptying it into me. Jake was strong but Kyle was mad, Kyle broke away and towards Mark while Jake ran to me. The police split up 3 holding Kyle back, half around me calling paramedics, and the rest getting Mark out of there. "Bailey if you can hear me respond." Jake said franticly. I nodded because I couldn't find my voice. I leaned over and threw up but moving made my leg hurt more so I cried out in pain. The next thing I knew I was strapped to a strecher and being taken somewhere, everything went black after that.

"Bailey?" My brother's voice called. I tried to open my eyes but it was too bright. Kyle must have been in the room too because the lights were lowered and it was Kyle who asked me if that was good. "Yeah." I mummbled opening my eyes, my voice was raspy from not using it for so long. I took in my surroundings, a bed, a few lamps, chairs, hospital room. "What happened?'' I asked both of them. "Well I'm not sure I just woke up for the first time in a week like an hour ago." Ryan answered. "Well after you got sick the police let me closer to you because Mark was out of the room. No offense but you looked like shit. Then they brought you to the hospital and took care of you. The drug he gave you must have just worn off though." Kyle filled in the blanks. "Of course I looked bad. I hadn't eaten in days, I didn't know what happened to you two, I was being abused,I hadn't showered in 3 days and I had a broken leg. What do you expect me to look like?" I snapped at him. "Woah calm down. I knew that they were probably doing things to you. They quit the search like an hour before Jake and I found you, thought that you must have been dead. I wasn't ready to give up but Jake took me out to just walk around and we found you. Speaking of not showering you smell." He said smiling at the last part. I laughed at little. "Thanks." I said and hugged him. "Aw, look at you two love birds." Ryan said in the voice he always used to tease us. He was soooo annoying. "Oh Bailey, did Kyle tell you what he told Mom and Dad when they came home?" Ryan asked weirdly. I shook my head and turned to Kyle who was blushing. "I said that I loved you. I was apparently sort of talking to you, I have no idea." Kyle said laughing, I looked down. "Well, do you?'' I asked looking up at him. "Yeah." He answered back still smiling. "I-" "And sleeping beauty awakens." A middle aged doctor cut me off walking in the room. "How do you feel?'' He asked looking at my chart. "Overwhelmed but pretty good." "Good. We'll keep you in here over night because we want to make sure that you don't have any side affects from the drugs he gave you, but you should be out of here tomorrow. Alright?'' I nodded. ''Okay I'll come back to check on you later." He said walking out. "Ryan, where are Mom and Dad?" I asked him. "They are downstairs in the cafeteria, it's lunch time. No one told them that you woke up yet." Ryan answered. "I'll go get them.'' He pushed the chair back and walked out of the room leaveing me and Kyle alone. "Bailey?" Kyle asked. "I love you too." I answered knowing what he meant.

The next few weeks were hard because I had nightmares alot but my parents let Kyle sleep in my room with me because he always made the nightmares go away. We became boyfriend and girlfriend and we weren't unlike how we were before except with a little more contact. Brianna soon turned up and they both went to court, Kyle, Ryan and I had to testify against them. But all our hard work payed off they were sentenced to 5 years of jail. I had to tell my story over and over because I was on the news and in papers and everything.

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