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Sequel to the Sacred Lilly this story has some events that will change the characters lives forever

Part one: Ray's point of view

Chapter 1

"Good bye Raymond" Lilly said turning the door knob. "Good bye Lilly" I managed to say. I turned to my car as the door slammed shut. I sat in my car stroking a picture of her while I murmured "I love you". Then I turned the wheel to head home.

I walked into the front door and my mom was there reading a magazine. "Hey honey, how is Lilly doing." I cringed at the sound of her name. "Fine mom. She is fine." I said walking up the stairs avoiding eye contact. I slammed my door shut with all the power in my body, walked over to my bed and just lay there, face buried in the pillow. There was a knock on the door. "Go away I’m not in the mood!" I said not bringing my head up out of the pillow. "Are you two in a fight or something?" It was my mom, concerned as always. "No ma, we aren't together anymore!" I snapped. She opened the door and sat on the bed next to me. "What happened?" she asked, she had actually gotten to like Lilly. "I drove her home and went to give her a kiss and she leaned away. I asked what was wrong and she said we couldn't be together anymore. She thinks that she is ruining my life because I was with her and a lot of bad things keep happening to her." The room fell silent as I thought of what an idiot I was for losing her.

"Hey, so I heard about you and Lilly, DUDE what happened!!!!!?" Griffin started in the hall with me. "Yeah, I know. I’ve been thinking and I realized I’ve never and probably never will love someone as much as I loved her." I told him. Then he waved to Bella and I glanced over, she was with Lilly and Gabby. Lilly looked about as happy as I was about not being together. "Wow man, she looks wreaked, you guys should get back together." Griffin suggested. "She’ll never be with me again; she honestly thinks that she is ruining my life by being with me. She is doing the complete opposite when we are together." I told him looking the other way. "I have to get to class" I said angered, I started close to a run down the hall.

Chapter 2

"We have to get them back together," I heard Gabby saying to someone. I turned the corner and just stood next to them. "Oh, hey dude." Griffin tried but he knew that I heard every word of their conversation. "Can I get to my locker?" I asked him. "Yeah, sorry didn't realize that we were standing in front of it...So um, see you later." He said walking away from me. Gabby looked at me, I looked back at her. She soon started down the hall too. Great now I don't only repel Lilly but I also repel Griffin and Gabby.

"Hey man I saw how sad you are after losing Lilly and I was thinking. We should go hang out tonight, just us guys." Griffin was right, I was sad...No, sad didn't even cover half of it. "Sure, I need some guy time." I told him. "Okay meet me at my house tonight." He said. I just hoped that this wasn't a plan to get us back together. Acutely I kind of wished that it was.

Ding-dong. I rang the doorbell at Griffin’s house. "Hey man." He answered, opening the door. We walked down the hallway leading to the stairs to his room. He seemed to walk quicker as we past his living room. As I past it I looked in to see why he tried to get upstairs in such a hurry. I now understood. I just stood frozen staring into those blue-green eyes.

"Lily." I turned to face to face Griffin, my best friend ahs turned into the worst backstabber I have ever known in my entire life. "Dude, I can’t believe you would do this to me!" I turned and stormed down the hallway slamming the door on as I made my exit. "Ray, wait I-"I heard Griffin start but I wasn’t going to stick around to listen. I walked towards my car and slammed the door on that too. Hey at least I made myself known. I sat in the car for a moment, thinking. She is never going to want me back. I will never love anyone as much as I did her. I guess my life is over… Might as well give up now, it’s not going to get any better. My mood sucked. I slammed the gas pedal down, flooring it. Get home fast, no one can be home yet, I’ll just end it now. I looked in my mirror and saw Griffin, trying to get my attention as I sped away.

"Hello?" I asked. No answer, great, no one was home. I walked over to the couch; she once sat on this couch...curled up next to me. That was before the man held us hostage; just the thought of it sent chills down my spine. Every where I looked I got a reminder of Lilly. I walked over to the bathroom and opened the closet. I looked for the painkillers that my sister used after her surgery. I walked over to the couch holding the bottle in my hand. As I watched music videos from my favorite bands I gulped the whole bottle down. I could feel the slimy texture of the pain killer sliding down my throat. I don't feel too good. I sprinted into the bathroom. I heard the door bell ring. I'm just going to let it go...I am kind of busy. Then through the open window of the bathroom I heard someone calling my name, Griffin. I still wouldn't answer it. I leaned over the toilet as the slime that just went down my throat cam back up. Apparently you could hear it from out the window because I heard it again. "Ray? Are you okay in there?" Griffin questioned. Usually when Griffin had a feeling that something wasn't right, it wasn't. This was one of those times. "NO!" I yelled in between the 30 second intervals my body gave me before trying to get the medication back up and out. "Should I call someone?" Griffin asked clearly concerned. "Yes!" I snapped at him. "This was a bad, bad idea." I whispered to myself. Then everything went black.



Chapter 3

I tried to lift my eyelids. Woah, where am I? Why is everything so bright? Wait, this looks familiar. I thought for a minute...when had I seen this room before? Lilly's hospital room? Wait...This time I'm in the hospital I looked around the room with the slits that were my eyes refusing more and more to stay open. I saw a figure sitting next to my bed. I knew that hair. I knew that sent. She lifted her face up; tears ran in streams down her beautiful face. Lilly? "Lilly." I tried to say. I couldn't hear myself but apperently she could. Her pained expressionless face snapped around to look at me. More tears. "Why are you crying?" I asked. "Well, at first I was crying because you hurt yourself, well actually tried to kill your self, because of me. But now I am crying because my neighbors called the cops because of a break in at my house. The police found my father dead." The thick streams of tears running down her beautiful face now became thicker and the sobs became closer together and more emotional. I was speechless. "Oh my god. I'm SO sorry Lilly. Do they know what happened to him?" Lilly's dad was one of the most inspiring people I knew, he wasn't a klutz. What could have happened? "He was," She sobbed. "Stabbed. They don't know who did it though. The person was careful to leave no evidence." I almost went into shock. Lilly's mom died in the car accident. Lilly's dad died from being stabbed to death. She was an orphan now, and her job didn't pay much. "Lilly, where are you going to stay? Not to bring it up or anything but, you're an orphan now." Were we back together now? It seemed that way to me. "I realized that. I have no idea what to do now. I can't afford that house by myself." Come on Ray, think. I wonder if it would be okay with mom and dad if she moved in with us. I pulled out my cell. "Hey ma," I greeted her. "Yeah I know I shouldn't have done what I did. I won’t ever try to do that again." I knew that if I called her I would get lectured. "Any way off that topic. I don't think you heard but, Lilly's dad was murdered," Sobs in the background from Lilly. I got up and hugged her, forget the hospital bed. “And as you know her mom died earlier this year. So now she has no place to live, and I was wondering if she could move in with us.....Okay, thanks. Bye." I slid closed my phone. A single tear fell from Lilly's face. "Don't cry, everything is going to be okay. My mom said that you could move in with us. Does this mean that we are together again?" She nodded her head "I need you now more than ever." I wiped the tear from her eye and hugged her.


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