My short story (I am working on names)

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A normal family, I normal girl. it was a normal day in the life of a student that went to the local high school. Lilly and Ray to students from the school were dating. Everything was going fine, they were in love and they were both popular. Then everything changed. A car crash, a death, a shooting and a seizure are all twisted into this Romantic thriller. Will everything come out normal again or will everyone life be changed forever?

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Submitted: April 26, 2010



Heyy...Itz me...I have a name now...It is called The Sacred Lilly

Chapter 1
"And don't forget about your book report that's due tomorrow!" Mrs.Mcmolley yelled as the students that were switching classes everyone filed out of the class room. In the hall Lilly and Ray exchanged glances, little did anyone else realize. It was a normal day in the life of a student who went to Collin H. Hammond high school. No one absent that day no one missing from classes as it sometimes accured, (Kayla.....) even though some of them were bored out of their minds and just holding on to consciousness through the tap-tap-tapping of a pen on the desks. As the last block of the day came to an end the hallway suddenly flooded with people, teachers and students alike. "So call me tonight?" Ray asked Lilly as she slammed her locker door shut. "Sure but I have to go out tonight to drop something off at Kayla's house. So I will call you after that." "Fine but make sure you call....” Those would be the last words anyone ever spoke to Lilly before the whole schools life would change forever.
Chapter 2
"I am going to Kayla’s now to drop something off. I will call you after." Lilly texted to Ray. "K" was all she got in a response.
Knock-Knock Lilly tapped on Kayla’s door waiting for her to answer it like a lion in the hot savannas watching it's prey, watching, waiting for the right time to pounce. "Hey, thanks for bringing this." Kayla opened the door happy to see her. "Anytime, see you in school tomorrow." Lilly left the house with the green siding.
As Lilly got in the car she sat for a minute deep in thought. “Something doesn't feel right." She shook off the thought as a fait click came from the seat belt as it was fastened. Lilly was just enjoying the ride, her and her mother were just talking about random things when both of them saw a bright set of lights coming towards them, Like unforgiving eyes. Just as they started to suspect that something was wrong CRASH!!!!! A noise that echoed through valleys, caves and mountains.
Lilly awoke with blurred vision as she gazed around at the frightening scene around her. She saw the roof of a car, a car she knew all too well. Another car that seemed to be almost inside of Lilly’s car. She heard sirens as she started crying. Not knowing what was going on, Was this some kind of messed up dream? "Pinch me" she whispered as she passed out again out of weakness from loss of blood.
Chapter 3
Ray started to worry. Where was the call that he was expecting from Lilly. Did she forget? He texted her "where r u?" No response. Texted again "Hello?" No answer. The he just figured that her phone died and went to sleep for the night.
Lilly awoke again vision more clear but she could still only make out the vague outline of things. "Ray" she muttered weakly as she glanced up at the bright lights of the emergency room. The beeping monitors that sat next to her. Then she heard a doctor come in "Hey, you awake?" he whispered trying to be quiet as possible but loud enough to be heard. "Where am I?" she muttered back. Then the doctor started to explain that she had been in a really bad car accident and was lucky to be alive. The driver of the other car was drunk and swerved into the other lane of oncoming traffic and hit her car. Her car had gone flying into the car and landed hard on the ground and skid for about 10 feet. She saw or heard nothing more as the world went black.
Chapter 4
The next day at school Lilly was absent and Ray started to worry. During 3rd Block a tall skinny women that looked to be in about her 50's peeked into the room and said "Mrs. McMolley, may I see you for a moment?" the door slid shut and everyone in the room looked around thinking the same thing; what’s going on, who is that lady, then they all realized that Lilly was out. Lilly was never out. This HAD to be about her. The teacher went to the other teacher on the team, and then walked back into the room. "Kids, There is going to be a team meeting during x-block today."
"Some of you might know why we are having a team meeting, some of you may not." Mr. Montana started as he gazed over at Ray. "There is someone on this team that has been in a car accident and won't be back for a while and is in a coma. They don't know if she is going to make it through the night." Mrs. McMolley added. The team meeting went on for a little while longer and after when the students were working on homework, Mrs. McMolley and Mr. Montana asked a group of kids to come up to their desks. They asked them if they have figured out who they were talking about and they all said nodded their heads silently. The room was so quiet you could hear the clock ticking in the back and the kids at the desk wished that the bell would ring already. After a while it rang and the hall flooded with kids once again, this time without her. As kids started to file out of the room as their buses were called, Mr.Montana said "Ray could I see you for a moment?”
Chapter 5
"Ray, when was the last time that you talked to Lilly?" Mr.Montana questioned. "Last night before she went to drop something off at Kayla's house......" Ray mumbled. "And when did you hear that she was in a car accident?" "Ray looked down; He did not want to be in this conversation right now.... "This morning as soon as I woke up. My mom was there and she came into my room and told me. Do you think that she will make it?" "Well.....I don't know, I am not sure how bad the accident was. She might be fine if nothing injured her organs." Suddenly the intercom went on and called walkers. Ray always walked home. "Well Ray I think that she will make it if she takes it one day at a time.....Have a good weekend!" Mr. Montana tried to put him in a good mood but nothing could. He wanted to see Lilly and just sit by her bedside while she recovers. Lets hope she still remembers me.
Chapter 6
"Where am I???" Lilly slowly awakened to find someone sitting next to her....He looked familiar..."Lilly it is me, Griffin, How do you feel?" Griffin??? "You remember right? I moved onto your street last year. We became good friends. I am on team 8-6..." Did she remember? "Griffin?" Lilly managed weakly. It all came back to her. She started to cry. "Rayy" she weakly whispered. "He is coming over soon. He should be on his way." Griffin said trying to calm her. At that moment a tall figure with long, brown hair; Bright blue-green eyes and a gental look to him strided into the room. Then someone else walked in, she was Lilly's best friend since kindergarten. "Ray, Bella." Lilly reached her hand out, She started to cry. Ray wiped the tear from her eye. "It's going to be okay. You are alive; that is all that matters." Lilly remembered why she loved him. It wasn't the looks or the star roll on the football and baseball team, it was how sensitive and caring he was. Only someone who really cared would reassure her that she would live, even though she was in critical condition. The nurse came in and checked on Lilly. I NEVER want this to happen to anyone I know. I feel like I am about to leave, die. Ray knelt down to Lilly's side and pushed her hair behind her ear, and leaned in to kiss her. Then he stood back up and softly smiled at her. "How do you feel Champ?" Lilly's dad walked in right after Ray stepped back. He sat by her feet. "How is mom?" Lilly asked her dad. "Your mom didn't make it to the hospital. She died in the ambulance." As if being in the accident her self wasn't bad enough, now she was going to lose her mom too? Lilly was in shock. She looked at Ray, then to Bella, finally Griffin. A single tear ran down her face. Bella leaned down to hug her and Lilly started to weep into her shoulder. Lilly couldn't imagine going back to school....Ever. She had lost her mom, she broke one arm, one leg and had been in a coma for a week. The next people to come in were some uninvited guests but Lilly put up with it: Reporters. Flashes everywhere. Questions flying through the air, pencils scribbling notes. The media LOVED this kind of stuff. An average girl, a car wreck, her mom dies in it. They feed off the very idea of it.
Chapter 7
Everyone left Lilly's room and Lilly went to sleep. In her dream she saw...Her car....Her mom...The lights. Then she saw the two cars collide, but this time she was watching from above. Then she saw a body go flying from the car...Was that her Mom? Then she got closer. It was her. But wasn't she in the hospital room sleeping. How did she go back to the exact moment where the two cars hit and watched...From a different angle? Was it possible to have dreams about the past where you are there but watching. As if to notice something, like you had a reason for being there. Just pinch your self...You will wake up. This time she didn't wake up. Was she.....Dead? As she neared the accident she was back in the small boring room. Except this time it wasn't so boring. Doctors circled around her. "What just happened?" Lilly asked. The doctors just looked at her. "That is exactly what we were going to ask you." exclaimed the doctor that she had met the first night of being in the hospital. It seemed like no one knew what had just happened. The doctors said that her heart rate slowed and then stopped. They zapped her several times but nothing happened. They brought her back in the room and said that she was dead. Then she sat up in her bed. Lilly's father soon walked into theroom. He thought that she was dead...The doctor met him in the doorway and told him that she had woken up. But it was a near death experience.... Oh my god, what if Ray and Bella think that I am dead. "Dad, who did you call before you came here?" Lilly pried the answer out of him. "Uh, I think that I called Ray's house and got the answering machine, I left a message..." "Is Ray the only person that you called?" Lilly needed these answers. "No, I called Bella but it went straight to voice mail and I called Griffin and I actually got a hold of him." Griffin thinks that I am dead! Just then her dad's phone rang. "Hello?" " it she....dead?" Lilly heard Ray's voice on the other line and called his name. "No, she isn't dead, but she came close to it. Why don't you come visit her tomorrow....She will talk to you then." "Can I at least talk to her now?" Ray desperately wanted to talk to her and only her. Lilly's dad handed the phone over to his daughter. Ray and Lilly talked for a little while then Lilly's cell phone rang. She looked to see who it was. What is Bella doing calling me? Oh my god, she NEVER calls unless there is something wrong. Lilly answered the phone. "Lilly.... I need help....NOW!!!" "Okay, slow down what happened?" "Well I was talking to Griffin online and my parents went out for the night. I heard a sound from downstairs and some voices. I am in my closet now...I NEED HELP!!!" Then the phone line went dead as a single scream emerged from the phone. Lilly franticly explained to her dad and the doctors that Bella needed help. She heard that the cops were on their way, when the world went black once again.
Chapter 8
Bella was hiding in her closet calling Lilly because of the men that had broken in her house when..."Lilly I need help, they could come in here any second...AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" One of the men had found Bella. He had a gun and a ski mask. "Please don't shoot," Bella begged the man. Bella never closed her chat with Griffin when she went to hide in her closet. She ALWAYS replied or if she had to go or would be right back she would tell someone. But this time she had just ran into the closet without telling him anything. Griffin then wrote "Hey...Bella? Bella you there? Bella are you ok? Bella if you don't answer I am going to text you." She never replied so he texted her. "Hey Bella...are you okay?" The man still had the gun aimed at her. She didn't respond so he texted her again "Bella I don't know what is going on but I am coming over there." There was a knock on the door. No answer. Griffin rang the doorbell. No answer. "Listen girl, I don't know who you called or what you said but if who ever is there rings the bell again I will shoot you." Please don't ring it again jut leave she prayed. Ding-dong. Silence. The man loaded his gun and aimed. "Please, please don't shoot." Bella pleaded. Bam! The man shot the gun. It hit Bella in the head. She fell to the ground. Griffin heard the noise and found the key that she left under the mat incase of emergencies. This was an emergency. He called her name. Then he had dashed up the stairs into her bedroom only to find the man in the ski mask and Bella lying on the floor. Not moving. The man was facing the other way. Griffin creped up behind him and kicked him hard as he could. The man ran down the stairs and out the door fearing that the cops would soon follow.
Chapter 9
"Bella!" Griffin ran over to her. Knelt down to her and tried to feel for a pulse. Nothing. The cops then arrived. They walked in the door and said "Come out with your hands up!" Griffin came out of the bedroom and told the cops what he knew. Which was not much because he only walked in as the man was leavening. He told them how he thought that there was something wrong because they were always talking and never in fights but this time she wasn't answering, then how when he walked in he found Bella laying on the floor helpless. Bella was being taken away in a stretcher. Just then Bella's parents came back home. They had no clue what was going on. All they saw were cops, Bella being taken away in a stretcher and Griffin. Bella's parents heard what had happened and thanked Griffin. If it wasn't for him Bella wouldn't be alive to be taken care of. Griffin went back in the house and looked at the Crime scene. There was blood everywhere. Griffin went out into the backyard and took out his cell phone. He called Ray. "Hey man it's me. I am at Bella's house. You guys will probably see her next before me." "Why is that?" Ray didn't understand. "Because I came over to her house because I knew that there was something wrong and sure enough, I went up to her room because I thought that I heard some noises coming from up there and there she was laying on the ground. Bathed in blood. Next to her was a man in a ski mask holding a gun. I kicked him pretty hard then he ran away. She was just taken away in the ambulance." Ray was in disbelief. He didn't know what to say. Lilly had just been in a car accident, her mother died in the same car accident and her best friend was in worse condition then she was. Lilly was not ready to hear this. "Aw man, Should I tell Lilly?" Ray asked Griffin. "Up to you man. I think that she should know but all that she has been through... I don't know. She will have to find out some way or another. They are best friends."
Bella saw 3 angels, they were waiting for her. Welcoming her with open arms. Then there was a man. Sitting atop a great throne of gold. The man talked to her, but without opening his mouth. "Bella, this is heaven. It can be as peaceful or as painful as you want it to be. Memories are all around you when you are just have to look." Bella had no clue what he meant...Well that helped a lot. Bella thought. What could I do now!? Bella was puzzled. She couldn't go back, at least not by herself, she had no clue how. I guess I am going to be stuck her forever. Bella slowly walked over to a tree, for she was getting tired. She sat down and almost on impact she started crying. She started out by keeping the thoughts in her head but little by little it started to leak out. Like a sink that has a leak, once she started thinking aloud there was no turning back. "Griffin and Lily. Everyone, my best friends, my crushes. I will never get to say good bye." Just then fog suddenly engulfed the air around her. "W-w-w--w-what’s going on, W-w-w-who is there?" She finally was able to spit the words out. Then a figure emerged from the fog. A figure Bella knew all to well. "Grandfather?" Bella couldn't take her eyes off of his figure. She couldn't figure out if it was all real or if this was just a dream. "Bella, What are you doing in heaven? You are young, your whole life is still in front of you." "Well, I didn't want to come actually." Bella told her grandfather the story, his head nodding with interest the whole time. "And to think someone would do such a sickening thing to you, even after your friend, Lily was it? Was in all the headlines. As much fun that I have had getting to catch up with you Bella I think that you should go back. You are to young to go. Your parents must be devised." Oh man, Mom and Dad, They must be worried sick. "Bella I am going to send you back no matter how much you protest. I-" Bella interrupted him mid sentence. "Oh I don't want to leave but I can't leave my friends, more so with lily, she lost her mother, she can't lose me too. I love you Grandfather." "Love you to Bella. Now sit under the tree and take a rest you look tired." Bella knew what he was doing, he was just distracting her to get her to go back. Bella sat without hesitating.
Bella slowly awoke. She felt something touching her, it was very uncomfortable. She went to rip the annoying object off of her wrist when a voice chimed in to stop her. "Oh no you don't" She looked up to see who it was. She saw the sparkling Green-Brown eyes before the face. "Bella? Are you okay?" She looked back at him and smiled. "Where is Lily?" she managed after effort, to much Effort. Griffin leaned over to pull the curtain open and on the other side lie her best friend, her sister, Lily. Bella was about to cry out to her when she realized that she was asleep. "What time is it?" She whispered to Griffin. "10:30 I was about to leave when you were trying to commit suicide by ripping out your IV." He smiled his adoring smile. His face gave it away before his words did, there was something on his mind. "What’s the matter?" Bella asked Griffin softly. "Nothing, it's just-" She stopped him before he could finish. She kissed him, he kissed her back. It felt as if it was meant to be. Lily started to awake from a deep sleep. She gazed over to see that the curtain was pulled back and saw Bella and Griffin kissing. She decided to pretend to sleep, to not interrupt. They loved each other, it was clear. It was a couple meant to be like Romeo and Juliet, Edward and Bella and (For you Julie) Candy and Taylor.
Chapter 10
It was quiet then there was a noise, a sound like something tearing. Then a flood of light filled the room. Lilly shot straight up. "I am sorry, did I wake you?" Ray was standing by the end of her bed, the blinds open just a crack. "No, I was waking up anyway." I lied. Ray sat on the end of my bed, I could tell that something was bothering him. "What is it Ray?" I asked. "It is just, I just, when are you getting out of the hospital?" Lilly explained to him that she had no power of choosing that and it would happen over time. "So, you still haven't told me what is bothering you." Lilly pestered him. She knew that it was going to involve ether her and him or just her. "It is just that I love you, and you are in so much pain, and it just is taking a toll on me." Lilly could see it in his eyes. This was really bothering him. As soon as he said the words she could see tears welling up in the corner of his eyes. She had never seen him cry before. As if reading her mind he quickly tried to recover "But, um, I am sure that I have nothing to worry about. The doctors here are great and-" He lost it, right there in front of her. "I'll be right back." He went out into the hall. She suddenly didn't feel very good. She reached her and out to press the call nurse button but then she started to convulse on the bed. It sounded like someone was fighting her. Out in the hall Ray must have heard it because he came rushing into the room to find Lilly passed out on the bed in a very un-natural position. He panicked. He pressed the call nurse button and started to try to wake her up. "Lilly, Lilly wake up." He was starting to lose it again. "LILLY!!" He broke into sobs as the line on the heart beat reader suddenly picked up speed. More then 3 times the speed of a normal pulse. He some how couldn't help but feeling that this was his fault. Then a Nurse came rushing in. "You called." she looked at Ray and then down at Lilly and she rushed out of the room and came back with more then 3 doctors. They moved her from her hospital room into the intensive care unit.
Chapter 11
"Lilly, Can you hear me?" Lily heard a faint voice but she couldn't answer. It was like she was being drowned. She could hear but couldn't respond or move. Lilly tried to open her eyes. After 6 useless tries she just tried speaking instead. A faint whisper was all she was strong enough for. "Ray," But there was no answer. Maybe he can't hear me. A sound filled the air. Foot steps, who was coming in?Would they know that I am alive? "Lilly, I don't know if you can hear me but I love you." She could hear his voice trembling, tears soon to follow. She wished that she could answer him. She could feel tears forming in her eyes. She tried to ignore them but they flowed anyway. Her eyes flew open. She took in the room around her. Tubes, machines, Doctors and most importantly Ray. He reached out to her and wiped the tear from her eye... "It's okay. It's going to be okay. Don't cry. I love you. You are going to live and will probably be out of here by next week." Ray tried to reassure her. But it didn't work. "Bella," Lilly sobbed. "She is fine. She is worried about you, we all were. Your dad was the most worried...He left a little while ago because he thought that he might lose you too." Too, she knew that he was talking about her mom dieing in the crash. Her eye lids started to drop. "You can sleep you know." Ray said softly to her. She saw a figure leaning against the door frame and instantly recognized it. She jolted up and screamed. "What is it? What happened?" His face twisted in agony. She knew that she was killing him with her bad luck, it looked like he hadn't slept in days. She turned to face the figure again. Biting her tongue was all she could do to keep from screaming. "I thought that you were dead," Lily whispered. "Why would I be dead?" Ray's beautiful face was still wearing a tortured expression. Lily looked back at the figure and mumbled "Mom." This time Ray turned to look where she was facing and saw nothing." He turned back toward her. "There is nothing there. It is okay," He stroked her face wiping a tear from her eye. "Your mother loved you, I love you and some day you are going to believe me," His face softened. "Lily," Said the doctor. "I think that you can go home early, probably around tomorrow. You will be able to go back to school in 3 days." Lily turned towards Ray and smiled. "I finally get to go home! I get to see everyone again!" The doctor disconnected the IV and some of the other tubes. "Do you still feel okay?" The doctor asked. "Fine" Lily responded and clearly she was. "Why don't you try out the crutches?" Ray suggested. "I think that she has had enough excitement for one day. She should get some rest if she wants to go home tomorrow." The doctor announced. Ray kissed lily's forehead and left for the night. That was the first night that she didn't have a nightmare.
Chapter 12
"Okay are you ready? 1...2...3..." Ray helped her up. "You okay?" He asked. You could hear the smile in his voice. "You don't have to worry, I feel fine." Lily said hugging him. "I am sorry, I can't help but worry after the accident, then what happened with Bella and what happened with the seizure.” His smiling face suddenly grew tense. He handed her the crutches that she would be using the next few weeks while her leg healed. “Thanks.” Lily gazed up at Him lovingly. They started down the ER hallway. “You sure your good?” Ray asked clearly concerned. “Yea, but there is just one more thing I wanted to do.” She hobbled over to Bella’s room. “Bells?” she poked her head in. Bella answered her almost immediately. “Lily! Oh my god you had me so worried.” Griffin walked over to Lily and hugged her. “ Don’t ever scare us like that again.” Griffin mumbled into her. Ray walked into the room. “Okay Griff. Hands off.” Griffin stepped back and smiled. “You ready?” Ray inquired. "Yeah," She turned towards Bella and Griffin now sitting, hand in hand, next to each other. "I will ether see you or talk to you guys later." She said and started towards the parking lot.
"You excited to go back to school tomorrow?" Lily's dad asked. This was one of the first times since the accident that her and Ray haven't been together. "Yea, I am. It's just; I don't know how everyone is going to react. I mean a broken arm, a broken leg and a lost mother." His face dropped when she mentioned her mother. "I know it is going to be hard at first but you can make it through it. You and Ray have almost every class together right? He can help you out." Lately her father had grown to like Ray more than before. "Yeah, every class but the one I can't do anything in...Gym." "You'll be fine. I bet you are going to have fun tomorrow seeing everyone again. Oh boy, look at the time, you best be getting to bed." She started to head upstairs. She paused half way up the stairs and turned to face her dad. "I love you dad." She told him then continued up the stairs.
Chapter 13
Beep-Beep "Bye dad, see you after school." Lily was ready as if it were any normal day. The only difference was an arm cast, a leg cast and crutches. She walked out the front door to see Ray's car waiting out front for her. She put her bag down in the back and got in. "Ready?" Ray was smirking at her. She knew he was talking about going to school and she was NOT ready. "Kind of, you will stay with me as much as possible right?" She was starting to get worried about going back now. "Of course I will," They came to a red light and he turned towards her. "What else would I do? Avoid the girl I love, the girl that I have been worried about for the last few weeks?" He kissed her lightly just brushing the surface.
They pulled into the parking lot. Ray went over to Lily's door to help her out. "Get ready." Lily warned Ray. "For what?" He asked pulling her a little closer. "After this month, for anything." She murmured. Ray started to laugh, her favorite sound in the world. They walked into the doors of the school, hidden by the sea of people flooding into the halls. "Who did you tell that I was coming back today?" Lily asked trying to brace her self. "Just the teachers and of course Bella and Griffin know." He smiled. How could she ruin him so much then he could repair so fast, becoming the old him, like nothing ever happened? "How did I get so lucky?" She asked leaning on him for support while she opened her locker. "I should be asking the same." He gazed the other way. "Hey um, I think that someone has spotted you. He smiled at her. “You do remember how to talk to normal people right?" He joked. She rolled her eyes at him. "Lily?" Someone called from down the hall. She looked in the direction that the sound was coming from. She saw Hailey striding towards her. Well that turned a few heads. Hailey tried to slow down trying to contain surprise. "I thought that you were in the hospital. Not that I wish you were its just....I am glad to have you back." Hailey finally chose. "Okay, I have to get to class; I will talk to you later." Lilly tried to escape. She knew that more was soon to come.
Chapter 14
That day was the same over and over. Switch classes; get crowded by everyone she knew...and some she didn't. Then finally the final bell rang. "So, what are we doing tonight?" Ray asked Lilly as they walked down the hall towards the exit. "Well I was thinking just hang out at my place or your place and watch a movie or something. You know something easy." Lilly answered. "Well probably your place cause my parents are like still really worried. They like you, you know.” Ray said smiling slightly. “They do? Have they even met me yet?” Lilly asked confused. “No, but they see how much I care about you and they like to see me happy. Maybe when you are feeling up to it we could go hang out at my place and you could meet them.” Lilly made a face. “What if they don’t like me?” “Why wouldn’t they like you, what’s not to like?” Ray said hugging her tight.
“So what’s it gonna be today?” Ray asked Lilly. “Well, I think that I am feeling up to going to hang out at your place and meet your parents. How should I act around them, what do they think I am like?” Lily was more nervous then she was when she woke up in the ER. “Just be your self, they expect you to be whatever you are and they don’t care. As long as we are happy.” Ray told her, holding the door while she hobbled out on her crutches. “To bad I’m not anything interesting.” Lily said looking down at the pavement. “You are more interesting then anything else. Now come on lets go over to my place.” Ray said now walking next to her, opening the car door for her. “Thanks. God if they taught you to be this polite then I am going to be a goner.” She looked into his beautiful blue-green eyes. “Please, don’t doubt yourself. You are one of the best people I have ever met. Now let’s get going.” Ray seemed different now.
Chapter 15
“Ma? I’m home.” Ray called into the house; it was hard to believe sometimes that he was the same age as her. “I’m in the kitchen!” A high voice came from the other room. “I thought that you and Lilly were hanging out tonight.” The voice turned into a body as someone rounded the corner. “I am, Mom this is Lilly. Lilly this I my mom.” He introduced them. In his voice you could tell that he was nervous. “Nice to meet you finally. Now I know why my son is so happy all the time, you are beautiful!” His mom beamed. “Thanks Mrs. Tayner.” Lilly was even more nervous now. “Oh Lilly, please, call me Rosellen.” A tall man that Ray kind of resembled walked into the room next. “And this is my husband Randy.” Rosellen gestured up to the man. “So this is the girl that you are so interested in.” He turned to Lilly “I am sorry for your loss. Ray has been updating us on your condition.” She snuck a look at Ray, he was blushing. “So what do you want to do tonight?” Ray asked her, obviously trying to change the subject. “Whatever, you know what I can and can’t do with the casts on.” Lilly glanced over at Ray’s parents who were going back into the kitchen realizing that they were embarrassing him. “I should know, I have only spent almost everyday of the last few months with you. Even if you weren’t aware of it I was.” He said smiling and holding her close to him. “I love you.” She whispered into his tight hold. “I love you more than my own life.” He answered.

They started up the stairs into Ray's room. "So this is where u sleep at night, huh?" Lilly gazed around the room. "Ray?" Rosellen called from down stairs. "Yeah mom?" Ray answered glancing at Lilly smiling. "Your dad and I are going to run to the store quickly, You two will be okay here?" In Rosellen's voice your could hear pure concern. "Yeah we will be fine." The door slid shut, then all you could hear was the clock ticking and the steady breathing of Ray and Lilly.


Chapter 16

"So what do you want to do? Watch a movie, go for a walk?" Ray questioned lilly. "We can watch a movie." Lilly answered. They went back downstairs and sat on the couch, turned the TV on and picked out a movie. Ray had his arm around Lilly and she was cuddled into his grip. "I will be right back." Ray said getting up and striding out of the room. She heard Ray's footsteps going up the stairs. Then, another set of footsteps. "Hello?" Lilly said turning around. "Rosellen? Randy?" She got up to look. She turned a corner and there stood a man with a gun and a ski mask. Lilly's heart skipped a beat. "Lilly?" Ray asked when he got back in the other room. The man stepped towards her and grabed her, putting his hand over her mouth. Ray heard her crutch fall to the ground. He came around the corner and saw her. "Take your hands off of her." Ray said infuryated. Rosellen's car pulled up to the driveway. She saw what was going on in the window of the house before anything else. "Randy, call the cops." She wispered to her husband. The man in the ski mask pointed the gun at Lilly. She wispered to her husband. The man in the ski mask pointed the gun at Lilly. "DO NOT HURT HER!" Ray screamed. Lilly started to sweat. Am I going to make it out of this? She started to wonder. She started to look around the room, get her mind off of the idea of death. She glanced out the window and saw Randy on the phone and Rosellen with a look of terror on her face. "If I hear sierns coming towards this house, the girl is going to get it. I saw the couple outside. If he is on the phone with the cops then blondy here gets a bullet." The man in the ski mask said, there was somthing in his voice that made you know that he wasn't kidding.

"911, what is your emergency?" a calm voice came from Randy's phone. Rosellen took the phone from him and answered. "My son and his girlfriend are being held at gun point in my living room!" Rosellen burst into tears realizing the seirousness behind this problem. "Should I send an amublance too or just the police?" The woman on the other end said trying to calm her down. "No one is hurt yet, I think." Rosellen answered, voice shakey. "Should I call Lilly's dad?" Randy wispered to her. She nodded her head yes while a tear fell from her eye. "Okay, I just sent the police, they should be on their way."

"What's that I hear?" The man asked, a hint of pleasure in his voice. "I think those are sirens." He said answering his own question. He pushed Lilly out in front of him. "Say one word and it gets more painful for you and him." He said pointing to Ray in back of him. "Help me." She wispered so low she thought no one could hear, she thought wrong. "What was that?" He asked spining around fast and punching her in the face. She fell to the ground, blood dripping out of her mouth and nose. She saw flashing lights out the window. She started to get up when he kicked her in the face then the stomach. "LILLY!!!!!!!!" Ray exclaimed as he jumped towards him and tried to defend her. "Every time someone talks it is going to get worse for her." He pushed him away and he fell into a wall. He kicked her harder this time and she fell to the ground. She heard a sickening snap. Then a scream. It took her a moment to relise that it was Ray's. She passed out as the door burst open and people flooded in.


Chapter 17

She saw a light, then people and machines. "Where am I?" She said. Someone brushed the hair out of her face with their hand. "Ray?" She asked. "No, it's me. Remember? Dad?" There was pain in his voice. "Dad. Where is Ray? What happened?" Her eyes started to ajust to the lights. "He is in the other room. He had a pretty bad fracture in his hand. He was mostly worried about you." She could see his face now. There was nether tears, nor a smile. "What happened to me?" She asked. She couldn't remember. "I don't know the details but from what Ray told us you guys were watching a movie and he went to get his phone upstairs. He came back down and you weren't there. He called you but no answer. Then something made him turn the corner and he saw you." Her dad paused. "But why am I in a hospital if I was just being held hostage by a man for a little while?" It wasn't coming back to her. "You didn't let me finish," He smiled. "The guy that had you grabbed Ray too. Then the man heard a noise or something and threatened you guys. Is it coming back yet?" Acculy it was. She remembered the pain and the the crash as the door opened. "Yeah, I remember now." She said. All she could remember was blood, blood every where, pain and Ray's face when she was getting attacked. "Ah, and so Sleeping Beauty awakes at last." Griffin walked in the door of the room and with him was Bella and two of Lilly's older friends. "Bella, Griffin, Kelly, Gabby!" She said bubbling with excitment. "The only person that would make this party complete is Ray." Gabby said but knew that it was wrong as soon as she said it. Another person walked in."Who is that?" Lilly asked confused "Oh, this is my boyfriend Tony." Gabby said guesturing to the person standing next to her. "Hey, I am Anthony, but you can call me Tony." The guy said smiling. Lilly started to tear. "What's the matter??" Lilly's dad asked. "I'm not good enough for him." She cried. "What do you mean?" Bella asked. "Ray. I am hurting him. I mean I love him but...I have to break up with him before I hurt him for good." The only sound were 6 people trying to catch their breath. "I need to go talk to him." Lilly exclaimed starting to get up. "I wouldn't get up if I were you." a voice came from the door way. She looked over and saw him. The most popular boy in school, the star of the football and baseball teams and most importantly her greatest love. She started to cry. "Did I say somthing wrong?" Ray asked confused. "No, I just...I...I love you." She started to cry harder. Ray took her face in his hands. "I love you too." He kissed her then got up and looked at the other faces in the room. "Should I drive you home so we can talk about this in the car?" Ray asked Lilly. She nodded her head yes then tried to get up again. Ray put his arm around her as if to act as a crutch. "Ow" She yelped in pain. Ray's face knotted as if he was the one with the brusies and cuts. They walked out to the car together; her on crutches, him wearing a cast on his wrist.


Chapter 18

Ray started to walk up the sidewalk to her porch. Holding Lilly's hand he turned to kiss her good night, but she leaned away. "Okay what is going on?" Ray asked completely confused. "I...I can't..." Lilly tried to say the words but they just wouldn't come out. "You can't what?" Ray asked her trying as hard as he could to understand. She started to tear. Don't cry, It is for his own good. she tryed to remind herself. "I can't...Be with...Be with you anymore." She said tears starting to run down her face. "What?" Ray asked his eyes gave off a glazed look of pain. "I am not good enough, my bad luck is affecting you. I don't want to hurt you anymore. I love you, with all my heart and I want to be with you forever but...I can't stand to hurt you any longer." She said look at the ground now unable to look at his face. "You can never cause me any more pain than I am in now, you can't leave.If you don't want to leave then please, don't" He said his voice confident. They were still as he stared into her Blue-green-gray eyes. "I have to...Good bye Raymond." Lilly choaked out turning the door knob. "Good bye Lilly," He wispered. Ray turned to face his car as the door slamed shut. Lilly ran up to her room, fell on the bed and started to cry. Ray walked to his car, held a picture of her and started to tear. "I love you" He said as he stroked the picture. He let the picture fall out of his hand and started on his way home.

Thanks for reading!!! I have a name for it now too!!! It's called The Sacred Lilly

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