The Beauty of The Heavens: A Christmas Special

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A side story to the novel 'The Beauty of The Heavens'.

There is only one event that matched the time, and that is Christmas. Different climates occurs on different parts and times of the world. But when it is December, the climate matches the time of the year.

To put it short, December is the only time of the year when the whole world is back to normal.

Music is available.

The Beauty Of The Heavens: A Christmas Special

Something To Give


December 22.
Three days before Christmas day. Shopping malls were filled with people and it seemed like the lines were not moving. Even some airlines had to halt their takeoff due to heavy snow. Vaughn was in his room staring at the snow falling from the sky. Luna arrived at the front gate and rang the bell to their house. Vaughn heard the sound of the bell and checked outside. The mother invited her inside. Vaughn continued looking at the snow.

The parents had to go out to buy some supplies and some extra things. Yet again, Vaughn and Luna were alone in the house. Time passes and the parents are not yet home. Luna was feeling drowsy all of a sudden. She decided to invite Vaughn to go and take a walk around city with her. She walked up to him and invited him. Vaughn, as well, felt drowsy so he accepted her invitation. Vaughn locked the door and Vaughn opened an umbrella and they both headed out for a walk.

They headed to the center of the city and it looked so lively. People were caroling, laughing, smiling. They all looked happier than usual as if the unfortunate events in the past never even happened. When Vaughn and Luna were walking in the streets, Luna felt uneasy. People were looking at them, covering their mouths and had a smile on. Luna asked what was going on and Vaughn replied that they looked like a perfect couple, according to the people around them. Luna blushed and was not able to reply back or even stutter.

They were going around places and Luna shivered for a bit. Vaughn noticed and asked her if she was feeling alright. She nodded, answering his question earlier. From place to place, they ate a few then moved to the next area. Luna was a heavy eater this time and at the end of the day, fireworks blew up in the sky. They had beautiful outcomes and even though stars can’t be seen, everybody enjoyed this night

December 23.
Two days before Christmas day. Vaughn was relaxing in his room reading comic books. Again, Luna visited him and entered his room. Luna was surprised and acted as if the world is about to end. Vaughn asked her why she is acting like that. The answer to that is because Vaughn is not reading academic books but comic books. His reply was also simple. It is because it is the only time of the year where he can relax and forget about school. Even Vaughn has to have some time off and think about something else than school.

This day, they stayed inside the house and played some video games. Luna was filled with rage because she couldn’t beat Vaughn in the game. Almost the whole day, they switched games hoping she can beat him. But in the end, she never won once against him.

December 24.
Tomorrow will be Christmas. The streets are filled with people young and old. This time is morning and there are only a few people in the streets. Posters are posted around saying that a concert will be held at the center of the city. Vaughn had read the poster yesterday and is now waiting for time to pass by.

Evening fell upon them all and now is the time to watch the concert. Vaughn prepared himself and headed for Luna’s house. He arrived and rang the doorbell. Luna came out but she was not prepared at all. She was still wearing her pajamas and she still had bed hair even though a lot of time passed by. “It’s rare for you to visit others.” She said. Vaughn showed the poster to Luna and invited her to join him. She was blushing so much that it spread all over her face. She slammed the door and in a flash, she opened the door and she was dressed for going out.

They headed to the center of the city where the concert will be held and where a gigantic Christmas tree was placed. The tree was kept a secret from the public so they will all be surprised. The concert started and everyone was enjoying. The sweet and calming songs have a nice effect on the people. Others gathered to the center and they started to sing along.

December 24.
A few more minutes before Christmas day. More people came to the center and started singing along. Luna prepared to go out of her hosue to but Vaughn a present. She bought a lot for him but in the end, she could only pick one to give. She had thought to herslef that she wasted her money on useless junk that she even doesnt know what to do with.

December 25.
It’s finally Christmas and everybody is still caroling. The cold weather grew stronger since it is 12 at night. Luna was feeling sleepy and she could barely stand. Vaughn caught her in his arms. Luna felt his touch and shoved him away. She felt like she was a bit rude and apologized to him. Apparently, it was normal for her to shove him back since a guy just suddenly caught her or something like that.

She got back on her feet and they enjoyed the rest of the night.

The morning came and Vaughn had just woken up from his slumber. He checked he time and it was already noon. He headed downstairs to have lunch but no one was there. He cooked his own food and watched some television. It was past 2 P.M. and Vaughn decided to go out for a walk. Somewhere in town, he bumped into Luna. Both surprised to see each other and Luna was holding a gift bag. Luna was on her way to Vaughn’s house but since he’s out, they just decided to walk again. In Luna’s mind, it feels like they are dating even though if they are not.

Their last destination was the park and both of them sat on the bench. Their conversation just kept going on and on. When none of them were talking, Luna handed the bag to him saying it was a present and even said Merry Christmas. Vaughn opened it and it was the latest game for his console. She noticed him when they were walking home together. He thanked her for it and also handed out a gift to her. It was a small and light box that had a ribbon tied to it. She opened it and it was a beautiful necklace that had a beautiful design. Vaughn said that he saw her looking at it the other day when they were out walking. She thanked him so much that she didn’t even know that she hugged Vaughn. When she realized it, she quickly looked away and separated from him and said thank you once more but with a faint voice.

It may not be much but giving is better than receiving. A little gift can warm up the hearts of others and a simple thank you can make your day. Even though you don’t realize it, you are actually giving things to others and sometimes they don’t realize it. That’s it for now. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Submitted: December 23, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Seishin Satsuki. All rights reserved.

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