The Imagination Of An Artist

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An artist’s mind can be full of imaginations, whether they are real or not. Sometimes, they wish their drawings can come to life. Just imagine your work walking and talking and doing what you like them to do. Wouldn’t you be fascinated, overjoyed and restless?
Also, imagine you are Nathaniel King, the main hero of this story. He is a high school student who loves to draw and who spends his free time drawing. Now, follow him as the story goes.

Submitted: December 12, 2014

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Submitted: December 12, 2014



“Hello everyone! Nathaniel speaking. As you have just read, I love to draw. Also, I’m a high school student at La Artista High School. My grades are average and I spend my free time drawing or hanging out with my friends. Well, you will know more about me in this short story.”

“It happened a few minutes ago…”

On the way home from school, I forgot my pencils and other art materials in the Art Club Room. I dashed towards school and entered the building. I finally reached the clubroom and my materials were placed on the table. I was relived because they were untouched. Little did I know that someone was watching from behind. I had thought to myself, Is it my imagination? I safely put them in my pencil case and headed out once more. The sun was nearing the horizon and I can’t help but think of something to draw out of the magnificent scenery.

I reached my house and entered it. As soon as I arrived home, I headed to my room. My mother has said that dinner will be ready soon. I just replied with a simple ‘yeah’. I immediately changed into my indoor clothes and started drawing something with a sunset as a background. I finished a few minutes later and put my signature in. I the added it in my clear book, filled with other drawings. My mother called me for it was dinner time. My parents, my older brother and sister and I enjoyed our meal together. The food was delicious, as expected from my mother. I did my chores and finished what I had to do before drawing.

I needed to take a break for a short while. While resting I wondered, What if my drawings came to life, what would they do? I was in deep thought and my mind seemed to be flying away. It was time to continue my work and add it to my other artworks.

I was in the middle of painting and suddenly, I received a phone call from an unknown number. I answered it and it sounded like a promotional call or something similar to that. I turned it off and continued painting. A few second later, the same unknown number called me. I glanced at my phone for a while and ignored it. Another call startled me and I could not take it anymore. I grabbed my phone and went outside of the room. Shouting at the caller and arguing with him is what I did right after I answered the phone call. The caller stuttered and for some time, he remained silent. The argument stopped and I ended the call.

I headed back in and I was surprised to see what I have seen. The image from my painting was slowly coming out; dripping wet paint and its head was pointed at me. The upper half of the body was already out and the head kept looking at my direction. The painting had only a body but not a face or hair. As the whole body went out of the canvas, I immediately took action and grabbed my paint brush and grabbed the canvas. The painting was still in the canvas but the image was moving and acting like a human being.

It has gotten me curious and I want to learn more about this strange event. In my observations, it has not moved a single muscle, though I’m not sure if it has organs. But I’m sure that it has a human-like body. I tried to paint on the canvas where it came from and whatever was painted on the canvas, is revealed on the image’s body. I added a facial expression, hair and some clothes. Even though I included those parts, it still hasn’t moved one bit. I went closer to it and touched it. The moment I laid my finger on the body, it started to move. He tried to speak but not a single word was uttered. Even if it is a painting, it seemed like it has emotions. Successful it was and I have found a new way to interact with it. I painted words on the canvas and words would appear as his reply to me.

From time to time, the painting has been with me since then. To me, it felt like time has gone by in a blink of an eye. One day, I woke up and saw my painting standing in front of me. For some reason, he was holding the canvas he was painted on and had a sad expression. Why I asked him. He waved his hand goodbye and entered the canvas. Before he completely disappeared, I grabbed him and whispered I will see you soon, right? The painting patted my head as he entered the canvas. A tear fell out of my eye and though it was painful seeing him leave, I stood up and waved back at him.

I woke up from a dream. It seems I was sleeping while sitting on a chair. I looked around my room and it was morning. My hand was holding a paintbrush and the other was holding a paint tray. My eyes were still heavy and as I looked in front of me, my eyes widened. I saw my painting from my dream.

I felt sad because I felt like I was never going to see him again. But when I saw that painting in front of me, my frown turned upside down.

“Even if you are not an artist, the human imagination has no limits. You don’t need to be smart for you to be imaginative. Young and old alike, we have a unique way of thinking.”

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