Undying Light

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Isiah, a cool and handsome guy, wanted to go and have some fun with his best friends. They all agreed to his suggestion and went with it. During the trip, a horrible accident occurred causing them to split up and leaving Isiah alone by himself. What will happen to him now?

Submitted: January 18, 2015

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Submitted: January 18, 2015



Winter break has started and a group of 5 friends decided to go have some fun in another area. Decisions all piling up and none of them can’t decide on which to go. One of them suggested a ski resort. His name was Isiah. He was an average person with an open mind. He accepts other suggestions and has a good personality which causes others to easily befriend him. Another one agreed to Isiah’s suggestion. Her name is Diana. She is a very popular person on the campus with a cheeky personality. In school, she is also known as the ‘demon’ because she tends to bully others. Only people who can tolerate her become acquainted with her. Also, she secretly has a crush on Isiah. No one knows this except for her friend, Lisa. Lisa is a carefree person and sometimes, she can be devious. But she is trusted by all and she will never let any information about her friends leak. For some reason, Lisa grinned evilly after agreeing to the suggestion of Isiah.  Two people looked at her as if they are looking at the devil’s eyes. These two are twins and they are Joshua and Jack.

A trip to the ski resort has been made final. The day has come and from where they are, it will take about six to eight hours to reach their destination. The van was ready and it will be driven by Joshua. The expected time of arrival will be somewhere around eight to nine in the night so they left early. A few hours have passed and inside was as lively as ever. They kept singing until their voices gave up on them. Soon after, everyone fell asleep one by one. No one else was awake except for Joshua. The night was falling upon them and they are now climbing a steep mountain surrounded by forests. His eyes felt heavy. It was almost impossible for him to stay awake at the current condition. He pressed forward non-stop and his eyes grew heavier and heavier not knowing that he has already fallen asleep. His eyes completely closed and the car wasn’t able to maneuver to the side and so it fell of the cliff. Everybody woke up due to the bumpy and steep cliff. Joshua tried moving the car to the side, evading obstacles in the way, but they jumped of another cliff. It crashed to the bottom, separating all of them apart. Isiah was alone with one half of the van.

No one else was around and the forest was chilling, enough to form icicles from your nose. He covered himself up with a thick blanket he found in the van. He had thought to himself that someone will find him eventually. He wrapped himself in the blanket and sheltered in the halved van. Sleepy he was. He rested in the van but the cold wind blew stronger, the snow would even get inside and surround the warm blanket with ice. He forced himself to sleep. The next morning came and he was surrounded by snow. Some were above his head, covered his feet and even some piled up behind him. He had to dig himself out of the snow hole. When he got out, a blizzard was present and the chilling wind and the cold snow doubled. He went back inside and rested again hoping people will find him. Two days have passed and nothing changed. The blizzard was still there and no one was around. He was down to the last piece of frozen bread and water. He had to warm them up with his body heat. As soon as the cold touched his skin, He felt even colder and forced himself to endure it. It was the sixth day after the crash and the blizzard sopped. He dug out of the van and saw footsteps. He followed them and it led right above the van. It was buried under the thick snow and his face was filled with depression. He followed the footsteps but it slowly faded. He headed back to the van to pack his things and find a way out. He said to himself that no one would find him so he should go on his own. Before he left, he searched the whole van and opened a locked trunk. The lock froze and became brittle due to the icicles that settled in there. Food was stored in there. He was lucky that only a few icicled settled in and they were still edible. He ate some and packed the rest. He left the place and headed on a journey.

Days have passed by and he was trekking all day with his pack and the blanket around his back. His supplies were quickly running out. He has been out in the dark forest for a mere twenty three days unaware he might be attacked by a beast or another human.

The weather seemed to have calmed down. He only has three days’ worth of food left. His energy was being depleted. Not even enough to move one step further. He had no choice but to stay there. The night befell on him and snow was piling on top of him. His eyes were about to give up until he heard a beautiful voice. He forced himself to get on his knees and look around. No one is there. “I have gone crazy.” he thought to himself. More feminine voices could be heard. Am I really dreaming?” he said to himself. Male and female voices join together and the sounds are like a choir singing. Beautiful voices were heard all around the area. The trees covered with snow began to shine. A bright white aura was laminating the skies. The voices grew louder and louder. Isiah couldn’t keep up with the events happening. His current state was weak, exhausted, dehydrated and hungry. With that, he collapsed like a building crashing down.

A few hours has passed by. Isiah was lying down on the blanket of snow. The snow was blowing hard and his feet were buried with snow. He forced himself to get up and press on. Shivering through the cold, he continued to walk. While walking, he sees a wisp calling out for his name. Isiah… Isiah… he hears. The wisp waves its hands towards him saying come here. He was almost at his limit. Pushing aside branches of trees, he sees a light. He pushed the final branch and he falls down again. His eyesight was about to give up. His last view of the world was just snow and a dark world in front of him. His vision became cloudy, his senses numbed, and his hearing deafened. He was about to give up hope. He strived and fought till the end and hoped for someone to come find him. He thought that if he followed the wisps, he would be saved or he would find help. But it seems, it led him to his death. At the end, his eyes gave up and no one came to his rescue.

His mind was still alive but his physical body wasn’t. He had enough energy to open his eyes a bit, even though they were blurry, he could still see. It was faint but he sees two people. He felt his feet were being dragged. His senses cleared up and he was able to hear a little. “The search is successful! Headed back to HQ!” He couldn’t say a word at all. He was still exhausted and he fell asleep once again. At the other side of the area, Isiah’s friends were sitting quietly on the lounge waiting for the search and rescue team to return. Someone barged inside and declared that they have found Isiah. The blizzard covered the area, causing them to be unable to see clearly. Diana saw a faint shadow coming from the left. They suited up and ran towards them. They finally reached him and placed him down for a while. They saw his face, it turned pale and ice was starting to form. “He is still breathing.” The rescuer said. The blizzard started to settle down a bit. Diana let Isiah lay down on her lap while holding him. His eyes opened again, and immediately saw Diana in front of him. Tears started to shed from her eyes, happily seeing Isiah alive. He sat up and Diana lunged herself into his body, crying loudly and shouting his name. His expression was blank for now. The radio from the rescuers side operated, saying, Team Delta, where are you now? It said. They answered “We have arrived at HQ.” He put his arms around her and hugged her. And his frown turned upside down as he cried because he was alive.

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