Neuro Check

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a moment in the life of my character Felicia Torres. A single scene, not part of anything bigger.

Submitted: March 11, 2013

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Submitted: March 11, 2013



Neuro Check

She has been watching him through the safety of the scope on her rifle for awhile now, scanning over his filthy and emaciated body with her finger already pressed against the trigger. His pathetic state doesn't mean he's one of them, since on the outside food and clean clothes must be growing rare.

Her normal protocol is to just shoot him as soon as he is in range, but as she has enough food now to support another person she thought to give him a chance to prove he is more then fertilizer for the grass.

“Stop where you are or I'll shoot!” Felicia Torres shouts at the man walking towards her compound, not sure he will hear her from how far away he still is.

The man reacts to the sound of her voice by sticking his hands high over his head and his palms with open palms and wide eyes while looking for where she is. Felicia assumes his motion is to show that he has no weapons and therefore is not a threat to her, but what it does is make her want to shoot him then and there. People stupid enough to be outside without weapons deserve to be shot.

However he ignores what she told him to do and keeps walking forward, only now he's starting to cry like an incompetent sissy.

“Please, I am not infected! I'm normal! Please.” his sobbing doesn't do anything to convince her that he's useful to her.

Her refuge is in the middle of a field that is miles away from any city, with no roads leading to it except an unpaved dirt road that she plowed over and seeded so nature had reclaimed it months ago. She made sure that no one would find their way here on their own.

“I will not warn you again!”

This time he obeys her and stops walking, which for his sake is good because she was going to blow a hole through him if he took one more step. She's a busy person with out all day to watch this some dirty loser.

“Good, now tell me a story!” Felicia orders. She centers his face into her rifles scope and watches the way he reacts to what she said.

She has never wanted to waste time with reading body language, since it always worked faster to just shoot people. But when he hears her, his crying drains away and he looks confused to her. It gave her all that she needed from her request.

“Please, it's been so long since I've been able to talk to another human!” he begs with his tears returning once he makes some kind of decision. She hates how these things can still use human emotions.

That gives her a pause to tell if that counts as a story or not. “I'm not letting you in here unless you can tell me a story!” she orders. It wouldn't hurt him to tell her two if he is in fact not infected.

The man with his hands raised stands there for a moment with a troubled look on his face, his sobbing has stopped while his his brain tries to remember how to do something that his body has become unable to do. In her own head Felicia starts counting off the seconds it is taking him to do something so simple this.

He never says anything that she would count as a legitimate story, so she keeps her word and with a small vellication she pulls the trigger on her rifle. The bullet she releases crashes into his chest over his heart and throws him backwards into the grass. There he lays in the dirt with nothing of himself moving save for the blood pouring from the gaping hole in the out of his back. He doesn't even spasm as the life leaves him but stares up at the sky with no emotions.

Felicia scans the horizon around her base, looking to see if there are any more of them had found her home. She does not check the dead body she just created, or even consider burying it. The body of a thing pretending to be a human doesn't matter enough for her to leave the compound.

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