21st Century Poet. Published, I am :)

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A poem to celebrate completing the first thing from my Bucket / Life list . . . having a poem / short story published . . . (right here on Booksie !!)

Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012





21st Century Poet.  Published, I am  \"smiley\"


There’s no putrid stench of stale inked pots and feathered quills,

Nor comforting aroma of cinnamon masking oil,

Neither papyrus or parchment, nor paper and pen.

Long forgotten instruments - redundant, abandoned,

Confined as museum artefacts - ‘Tools of literary Genii’ from yesteryear.

In contrast . . .  could you imagine;

Kipling and Keats on their keyboards, The Raven being rated on a Reality show,

and would Louisa May Alcott be LinkedIn today ?

Oh how times have changed . . . but the thrill of being published NOT.

Though waiting times have been inconceivably reduced and dissemination boundaries are now limitless,

There’s a an adrenalin rush - seeing ones work in print,

Knowing others have accessed my private innermost thoughts,

Tis enduring, uniquely satisfying and immensely rewarding.

A split-second leveller,

An evocative thrill for me today,

To be tweeted about, and shared @ facebook, LOL  . . . 

\"smiley\" Liked OR not ? Up to my readers to say !  \"smiley\"

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