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This is a Poem that is dear to be because it is something I wrote for my son. pleas comment that would mean the world to me!

Submitted: January 15, 2014

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Submitted: January 15, 2014



A mother`s vision


I see it so clearly,

you walking in late night or early in the morning.

Your goofy grin, you hair everywhere.

My first instinct is to yell and maby shout,

but then it hitts me you are growing.

Not a boy anymore, a young man standing there.


A collage degree and a young spirit,

you travel the world and follow you instinct.

That boyish grin keep getting you in trouble,

but life is your stage and you live it!


After some time the visits get shorter,

maby becouse of Your mother`s endless torture?

Is there a girl? someone special?

No! mom I would tell you If there was someone with potential.


And as falling from the sky, so lovely and shy.

His eyes igniting when he sees you,

and my wish granted as I watch you two.

Marriage and love, were is the little boy I knew?


We mother`s complain, linked to our children with an unbreakable chain.

Now that you are a husband and a grown up man,

what is you plan? stable and healty you grow steady as a couple.

grachildren, I say not even being supple.


And months go by, and there it is!

A beautiful baby born, I smile and cry as I hold your firstborne.


This was my vision for you my loving son, before you were born.

But you are special in every way.

And I know that is what all mothers say.

With one extra chromoson you are perfect in every way!

Your chubby cheeks and that handsome boyish grin,

I adoore you so much you make my head spin.

And for all I know maby you do get married or travel the world,

drive a car! And get you first drink in the bar!

And when you do I will be there in every step of the way, because close to you I will always stay.

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