Who needs a Bucket List ?

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Why I've written, and am working through my bucket/life list.

Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012





Who needs a Bucket List ?

Why write a life or bucket list of lots of things to do

You’ve already achieved so much – what is left undone for you

You’re happy, healthy – the envy of more than a few

So why oh why  . . .  can you just not be content with YOU ?


Well . . .  in response I have to say

There is more to life than routine ‘day-by-day’

Yes – I know I’ve been blessed and I’m very lucky . . . but we don’t have an endless amount of time.

So  . . . Fill every minute with new experiences.  Get on with such dreams while you can.

Smile wider, laugh longer – this aint a rehearsal . . .  so in life (like this poem), enjoy every new moment,

And don’t ponder over the loss  . . . of the order, or the rhyme !


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