Halfway Silence

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This is a reflection of my... ah... unfulfilled... vows? I guess you could call them. My unfulfilled "vows" to stop talking for a couple of days because I was, quite frankly, sick of the world. But I never really carried it out; didn't have the will to ignore people when they talked to me. So I ended up compromising a lot. Too much.

21st October '08, Tuesday, and 22nd October '08, Wednesday, at school (lunchtime) and then at home.

Submitted: December 31, 2008

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Submitted: December 31, 2008



“… From now on.” But when is now?
I’ve tried so many times but how
Do I finish that which I’ve started
Though I vowed, yet then I wavered
What comes next, after I’ve failed
Potential worth much less than hailed
Is silence simply imitation
Or is it an initiation
Who know the truth sees through that door
I’ve never been that far before

So far always terminated
Just halfway but still overstated
Equilibrium causes failure
Must be one way or the other
In between just doesn’t matter
Balance tipping stasis over
In between is not perfection
Either none or full obsession
Do I want a big reaction
Answer unknown still in question

Tiring of the world’s charades
Should silence act as my fade
I don’t know if it’s right or wrong
So silence doesn’t last for long
There always seems to be exceptions
Silence can’t destroy distractions
Does silence break reality
Or is it all just falsity
Am I just running from the truth
Is halfway silence just a ruse

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