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A poem that means something different to different people.

Submitted: March 26, 2011

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Submitted: March 26, 2011



A shimmering cloud of glorified dust springs forth from IN-KAN-DI
There's never enough in times of tough; preferring shells to sea
And twisting round and floundering down like twirling forest seeds
These feathers tickle my heart so fickle and permeates so deeply

Oh hark! Cast your old rags aside and shadow your birthright; creed!
The blood upon your very hands speak too much of your deeds
So listen close and repent your sins for fear of awakening three
Times as much an army thus marched forth from IN-KAN-DI

How do you; could you? Would you? Should you? No - of course not - please!
There's so much more for us to find amongst the ancient trees
And while we climb each limb so high you'll notice no difference, see?
So, fortuitous soul, ignore the busts of the rulers of IN-KAN-DI

Oh how shallow is the morbid doubt from sound emotional plea
Do you now realise the full potent of fight, of struggle, of free?
Is there ever a time for one to demand so much said so openly
Now the warriors flail in their chain-mail at the foothills of IN-KAN-DI

And slowly then, we open our eyes to the blue-azure pretty
A horizon of crystal and silver and gold with matching black symphony
Play back all the silence from spires that stands so tall and so freely
But driven so deep these eyes still weep for the lost of IN-KAN-DI

Still, narcissus sated - but highly debated - at most; far too creepy
The grasses are rustled and dawn has bustled to union with solidity
These chimes ring forever while locked with the weather as winds blow far from the east
We found out before you, but not to betray you, there's so much more IN-KAN-DI

Reading between these old lines we're reduced to mental mad cacophony
Though they're highly related you'll find all sedated objections from minorities
Oh glory be with us and to be obscene thus, not time for serendipity
A lacking emotion of self-motivation is common from walls IN-KAN-DI

Should this be the end then? An overdue mending of words sugar-coated and sweet?
Or must we begin a new timeless incision from welts of the inquiry?
This shimmering cloud of glorified dusts rise regardless of shells or sea
There's never enough in times of tough; not even for IN-KAN-DI

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