How Do You Feel About That?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is about a boy i like :/ but he never tells me straight, i needed to get this off my chest because its starting to effect my everyday life. (For those who want to know the line about Damon and Elena is a Vampire Diaries reference. Elena loves Damon and Stefan but choices Stefan over Damon.)

I'm so confused about you

you change every second

your opinions differ and change with your mood

yet  your smile is spectacular

your eyes tell a story of one hundred words

i want to know more each day

but between us is distance

you  say you like me then claim you don't know

i didn't only want a show

your kind eyes and warm smile

invite me to stay for a while

and yet the cold tone in your voice

makes me rethink

i know how i feel about you

but how is the feeling from you to me?


I ask you a simple question and you never respond the same

i don't know...let me get back to you...

i like you i more day

how would you feel if i said you Damon and I was Elena?

you'd feel like crap and want to die

how do you not know your dead inside?

welcome to my world

see what i see

know how much you mean to me

open your eyes one last time

to see the last line doesn't have to rhyme


I love you more then you know

but ask me at school

i dare you too

i wont answer truthfully but i guess you knew

you bug, you pinch, you poke

you mock my words like I'm a joke

our destinies are intertwined

but slipping free with passing time


the word i say are true you see

i just want you to see me

hear me

listen to my words

know that i love you for your funny quirks

you're sometime rude, because you're insecure

but you're my funny guy that wont be left at the door


come sit by me and hold my hand

don't care what they say 

don't care what i hear

you are no longer afraid to be with me 

to have me near


I'm only a child, well so are you

my strongest sentence yet is...

I love you

Submitted: January 11, 2013

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