Like a Love Story

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15 year old Skyler slowly falls in love with Nathan Hickory, one of the most adored guys in school

Submitted: August 06, 2012

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Submitted: August 06, 2012




“Skyler, Skyler come on! Stop spacing out!” My friend Rocky yelled at me as she tried to wake me from my daydream.

“Sorry Rocky, I am just in a really funky spot right now.” I tried explaining to her. “I’m just under a tight dead line, and I can’t even figure out my plot line.” I confessed to her.

“You’re still stressing about writing your next book?” Rocky asked, “Come on, you have written two more books then expected. Skyler, all you ever do is write, can’t you ever just take a break?”

“My editor says my romance scenes don’t have enough depth to them, if I can’t find a way to spice them up, I wont be able to sell anymore books.” I told Rocky as I impatiently paced around the room.

“Ever try, oh I don’t know, getting a boyfriend? Or even changing genres?” Rocky asked

“Rocky, I have no time for a boyfriend. I also don’t have time to change my writing style, you of all people should know that.” I took a deep breath, so I didn’t bite her head off.

“Look, Skyler, tomorrow school starts. Maybe you can get some ideas there.” Rocky suggested as she looked at her watch. “Hey, it’s getting late, can I stay over?”

“Yeah, you know you’re like family to me.” I told her as I passed her a phone so she could call her mother. “Now, I am going to go tell my mother, be right back.” I whispered to Rocky as I left the room to go search for my own mother. I walked around my house for a while, while I looked for my mother. I looked in all the rooms on the main floor and the upstairs, and finally found her sitting casually in the basement, watching TV. “Hey mom, Rocky is staying the night, is that ok?”

My mom looked up at me, nodded, than went back to watching her TV program. With her approval I went back upstairs to join Rocky. When I got up stairs Rocky was still on the phone with her mother.

“Yes mom I have my school bag, no I’m not running away, yes I will be home tomorrow.” Rocky answered the continuous line of questions her mother threw at her. “Yes I am telling you the truth and nothing but the truth…can I go now?” Rocky nodded her head a few times, “ok, I got it, ok love you, ok bye.” She then hung up the phone before her mother could ask any more questions. “My mom said it is all good as long as I don’t run away.” Rocky told me, handing me the phone.

“That’s good, my mom gave me the approval nod so it’s all good on this end.” I confirmed.

“ BE IN BED BY 11:30!” I herd my dad yell from upstairs, “OR THIS WILL BE YOUR LAST WEEKDAY SLEEPOVER!”

“GOT IT DAD!”I yelled back.

“NOT A PROBLEM MR.ROSS!” Rocky yelled to my dad.

“Ok now that both parents know, let’s go to the second basement and set up the bed.” I said, “It will give my dad some peace of mind. He has this really big meeting tomorrow and I don’t want to stress him out.”

“Ok lets.” Rock said affirmatively, “Let’s not stress him out tonight.”

Rocky and I then went down stairs to pull out the hide-a-bed, and set up a movie. We even made popcorn, microwave popcorn, but popcorn.

“So, are you going to get a boyfriend or change your writing style?” Rocky asked as we settled down into the bed. “You know those are your only two options if you still want to be a romance novelist.”

“I know Rocky, I know. But I don’t think I have time for a boyfriend. I have to write another book still, and I have to plan the plot for the next, next book and with school starting tomorrow, I will have homework as well.” I complained.

“Don’t stress about it too much.” Rocky calmly told me. “Let’s go to bed early tonight, that way we can wake up early and work on our wardrobe and our hair/make-up.” Rocky said with a smile.

“You just want to wear that shirt I bought for you.” I confronted Rocky as I went to turn off the lights.

“Well yeah, I love that colour of pink!” she announced with a smile, “plus it’s my birthday tomorrow, and I know it is my present.”

“Ok I will give it to you first thing tomorrow morning, but only if you go to bed now.”

“Fine, fine. Night Skyler.” Rocky said as she rolled over so she could fall asleep.

I sat down on the bed after turning off the lights and softly said good night to Rocky. Then in turn, I rolled onto my side and fell asleep.




“Skyler,” Rocky whispered, “YO!” she yelled into my ear.

I jumped out of my sleep and almost smacked heads with Rocky. “Ok, I know I said I would wake up early, but did you have to yell in my ear?” I asked

“Yeah, pretty much.” She laughed, “Can I have my birthday shirt now?” Rocky asked impatiently.

Rocky looked like a little kid at Christmas. “Ok, ok, I’ll go get your present but please calm down. I don’t want, or need, my parents waking up.”

“Ok” Rock whispered.

I quickly ran into my closet, grabbed the gift box, and ran back down so I could give it to Rocky. “Happy 15th Birthday Rocky! Glad I was the first person to say that.”

“Thank you Skyler!” Rocky yelled as she gave me a tackle hug. “I will always wear this shirt.” She told me with a smile.

“I hope so, now lets get ready, my mom will be up to make breakfast soon.” I told Rocky as I went through my cloths.



“Thanks for the breakfast Mrs. Ross, I really love your pancakes with chocolate sauce.” Rocky told my mom before we left the house, “I hope I can come and have them another time.”

“Oh Rocky, you know you are like another daughter to me!” My mother exclaimed, “You are welcome anytime!” then my mother went and hugged Rocky.

“Mom, I don’t think Rocky can breathe anymore.” I pointed out to my mother, “the school needs her alive, can you let go now?”

“Oh, I’m Sorry dear!” My mom exclaimed as her grip on Rocky loosened.

“Ok,” I said trying to change the subject, “Mom, we really have to go to school now. I’ll be home around 4:30, see you then.”

“Bye, hope classes go well!” when Rocky and I where half way down the front steps of my house when we herd my mom call out “For both of you!” we turned around and she had closed the door.

“No long list of ridiculous questions,” Rocky noted, “No ‘call me every hour’ requests!” She looked over at me, “Your mother is awesome!” she yelled. “You are so free, can we switch lives?” She asked me.

“You want to be a famous author?” I asked sarcastically, “I had not idea!” I said as a joke. “Ok, all joking aside if we did switch mothers, I would not be a writer, and you would not be wearing that amazing top.” I pointed out. “Because of my books selling I bought that, but now with my books not selling as well, I need a plan.”

“Boyfriend,” Rocky whispered in my ear softly, “boyfriend,” she whispered a little bit louder, “Boy-“

“I get it!” I yelled cutting her off, “you want me to get a boyfriend.” I crossed my arms and pouted a little bit, but only for her amusement.

“Look, Skyler, you’re the only girl I know that is still single when entering the ninth grade. Every other girl in our grade has had or has a boyfriend; don’t you feel left out at all?”

I thought long and hard about Rocky had just asked me, but no matter what I could not picture myself with a boyfriend. “Rocky, we should get to class, don’t want to be late on the first day of school do we?”

“Skyler?” Rocky asked

“Yes Rocky?”

“We aren’t even at school yet. Can you pipe down about getting to class on time?” Rocky asked while looking me up and down. “Skyler you look super pale today, are you feeling ok?”

“Rocky, I am always pale.” I pointed out to her, “and that’s, that’s not it. For some reason I can’t wait to get to school. Not because I want to see my friends or grab a good seat, I just really want to be at school.” I confessed.

“Oh!” Rocky exclaimed, “Skyler Ross! You like a boy!? Could it be? That you have a crush on a boy?” Rocky asked she sounded very intrigued.

“I did kind of like Cody Smit for a while last year.” I told Rocky.

“EW!” Rocky yelled in disgust, “Cody Smit?” She questioned “Girl, I need to introduce you to real men like Nathan Hicory! She exclaimed with glee. “The hottest guy ever to walk the halls of any school!”

“Rocky quiet down, you are being really loud, please stop yelling. I know we are close to the school by now.” I whispered to Rocky.

“Sorry, he is just the most amazing person; cute, smart, funny, tall, sporty, dark brown almost black hair, coral blue eyes! He is almost to good to be true.” Rocky almost melted while she described how utterly amazing Nathan Hickory is. “I think you should ask him out.” Rocky burst out.

“What!? Me?! I could never!” I was shocked, “Rocky he is way out of my league! He could be a famous actor or model one day. Me? I might become a famous author, I could never ever ask Nathan out.”



“Go for the shot!” I yelled at my friend Ricky as I passed him the soccer ball.

“You got it!” He confirmed as he shot the black and white ball at the goalie and net.

The goalie jumped for the ball, when the ball curved away from his hands and then hit the back of the net.

“GOAL!” The ref/gym teacher called from the sidelines. “Good 2 on 2 match, now go shower up and get ready for class!”

“Good game Ricky,” I congratulated my sweaty teammate as we made it to the showers. “I can’t believe how fast we won.” I said with pride.

“Cool it nick, that was only the chess club of course the game didn’t last long.” Ricky told me as we entered the change room.

“Fine I guess you are right no reason to get to worked up about it, that was an easy win.” I confessed. “Anyway, are you free tonight?” I asked Ricky as I changed out of my gym cloths and into my regular cloths.

“Sorry Nathan, But I have a date with Rachelle again tonight, maybe another time?” Ricky told me as we finished changing.

“Dude that if your fifth date this week, don’t you ever run out of money?”

“We don’t go places that coast money. We go to parks and have picnics or we go to movies in the park, things like that.” Ricky explained to me, “I would invite you to come as a double date but you are single again.”

“So what? It didn’t work out with Cassie, maybe my next girlfriend will.” I said. “but I can say that I have never been on a date, or a double date ever.” I said with pride.

“Dude you remind me of that weird girl in class last year that has never had a boyfriend…oh what was her name, Skytel, Skipper?”

“Skyler?” I interjected.

“”That’s it!” he told me, “Skyler, you kind of remind me of her. She never dated anyone last year, or any year for that matter. I don’t know much about her, but you catch my drift.”

“Look Ricky, when the girl is right I will take her on a date. I don’t want to waste my money on someone who wont date me for more then two days.” I announced to Ricky.

“Nathan, you have a fan club full of girls like that. Maybe you should stop by a meeting one-day and see if you like any of them. It can’t hurt can it?”

“No way.” I told Ricky shaking my head, “they would be all over me, and I hate that. That’s why I avoid them as much as possible. If they want to date me they can come ask me out, after all they know all my classes and they know where I live. There is nothing stopping them.

Ricky and I continued this conversation as we walked down the hall. I turned the corner and completely mulled someone.

“Sorry, my bad!” The person said as her face turned red, “it won’t happen again!” Then she got up and ran away. I looked over to see a girl staring at me, when she snapped back into reality she was looking around for someone.

“Skyler, wait!” the girl yelled as she ran after the other girl who had bumped into me.

“Well speak of the devil, that was Rocky and Skyler.” Ricky said as we continued walking down the hallway.

“I feel bad for Skyler,” I announce to break the silence. “I walked into her and yet she took all the blame. AS I thought about it we stopped at our locker. “Well I think I will be seeing a lot of her this year.” I told Ricky

“Why is that?” Ricky asked.

I pointed out a locker about 5 away from ours that had a sticker on it saying ‘Katie’s and Rocky’s Locker!’ “because that is their locker.”

“Nathan, are you falling for Skyler? If you are I am totally cool with it, but you should know that she has this really big secret that stops her from dating people. If you find out that secret you might have a chance with her. Also you can use that secret as black mail when you break up with her.” Ricky told me as we finished up at our locker.

“Dude!” I yelled at him, “1.) I am so not falling for Skyler and 2.) Even if I did find out this secret I would not use it as black mail, that’s mean.” I shot at Ricky.

“Ok, ok, fine.” Ricky said lifting his hands in defeat. “bell is going to ring soon, we should get going.”

“Yeah I think we should.”


Ten seconds before the bell Ricky and I walked into homeroom. “Hey look Ricky, there are some seats at the back, let’s go sit back there.”

Ricky nodded in agreement. As we walked to the back of the room I took note of the people I was passing, and just happened to see Skyler. When I sat in my seat I was about to tell Ricky about it when the teacher walked in.

“Sorry I am late class, there was a small problem in the hallway…”

As the teacher kept talking I zoned out. “Ricky, hey Ricky,” I whispered at Ricky as I tried to get his attention.

“What is it Nathan? I don’t want to get in to trouble. Can this please wait until after homeroom?”

“I guess.” I slumped into my seat while I tried to stay awake for homeroom.

15 minutes later the teacher cleared his through “Ok class, you can now start heading to your next class, homeroom is over. If you don’t have me I will see you at the end of the day.”

As the rest of the class left the room I hurried over to where Skyler was, I needed to talk to her before she left. “Hey Skyler!” I called, and when I did she froze, “Hey can I talk to you for a second?”

“Um, yeah sure, I have a few minutes before class.” Skyler told me as she looked to the clock.

“I just wanted to say sorry for walking into you this morning and I just wanted to make sure you were not hurt.”

“No I was not hurt, I’m fine thanks for checking up on me.” She said, “Oh look at the time, got to go!” She yelled as she ran out the door.

“Sorry about her,” her friend apologized for her, “hi, I’m Rocky, Skyler’s friend, nice to meet you.”

“Hi Rocky,” I greeted her, “I believe we went to middle school together.”

“Oh?” Rocky questioned with out a hind of surprise in her voice, “Really? I had no idea.”

“You’re a really bad liar.” Ricky shot at Rocky, “Also you lost your friend.”

“I know where she is, she is really predictable.” Rocky shot back at him, “anyway, don’t take everything she does seriously Nathan. She doesn’t really talk to guys very often….” Rocky paused has she looked towards the classroom door, “Excuse me for just a second.” Rocky told me as she walked towards the door. Rocky took one step out of the class then turned to the right side as if someone was there. “Skyler Meria Ross get you butt into the classroom and say sorry for your behaviour!”

After hearing Rocky yell at Skyler as if she was her mother, Ricky and I could not help but laugh.

“Rocky!” Skyler yelled, “I told you to never say my full name in public! Now they are laughing at me!”

“I told you this would happen,” Rock told her in a serious tone, “Now go in before I say your full name again…Skyl-“

“Don’t you dare!” Skyler interrupted, “I will go in, just don’t ever say my full name ever again!”


I took a deep breath, then I slowly walked back into the classroom. “Nathan, I’m sorry for my behaviour, for Rocky’s weirdness, and for bumping into you.” I said really quickly. When I looked up at his face I was almost blinded by his smile, and I felt a very strange feeling in my heart.
“It’s ok, it was mostly my fault I was not looking where I was going.” Nathan apologized
“Ok, now that everything is worked out, I’m off to English, see you all later!” I announced as I walked back towards the door.
“Hey I have English too, want to walk together?” Nathan questioned, and I didn’t know how to answer him.

“Awesome!!” Rocky yelled, “I sadly have science.” Rocky shared as she pretended to wipe a tear off her face.

“Lucky me, so do I.” Ricky spoke up, “I guess I get to walk with you.” Ricky didn’t sound to thrilled about that and Rocky didn’t look pleased.

“Sounds like fun.” Rocky said with no emotion. “Well we should go, the halls are starting to clear and kids are starting to pile in here, I will see you at lunch!” Rocky called as Nathan pulled me away.

“You are quieter then I remember.” Nathan said breaking the silence.

“You remember me?” I asked, completely shocked and a little embarrassed. “I tired not to stand out to much. I didn’t think anyone would remember me.” I laughed a little, but it was only a nervous giggle.

“I think everyone remembers you from grade 6 when you did that awesome dance number. Rocky was not the once who spread the nickname dance champion.” Nathan explained to me, “In grade 7 people were looking forward to the sequel but they didn’t we didn’t have a dance off for spirit  week. But knowing you, you can prove your skills again this year.”

“Actually I don’t dance anymore, I quite that same year.” I admitted to Nathan, “it got really pricey, and I had no spare time any more. So I quite dance and got a job, now that school has started and I am in high school I need any extra minute to either study or do homework.”

“You got a job? I always thought you would be a writer.” Nathan told me, “Your stories where so creative and vibrant.”

I could not help blushing, “that is my job actually. I write romance novels,.”

“Really? That’s so cool, I can’t believe it.” His smile was so big and bright, I though his face was going to explode. “Have any of your books been published yet?” Nathan asked.

“Yeah two, I have sold 25,000 copies world wide, well that was the number about a week ago. When I see my editor tonight I will be updated on that fact.” I told him with pride.

“If your books are so good why does no one want your autograph, and why does everyone treat you like crap?’

“I want to have a normal high school experience so I use a pen name.” I explained to him. “I don’t want people flocking me, constantly asking me to sign things. That’s not what happens to a normal teenager.”

Nathan laughed as we walked into the English classroom. When I looked around the classroom at our classmates all the girls had a very deadly look directed at me, and I couldn’t figure out why. But it was mostly the looks from the guys that worried me. They gave Nathan looks of pity almost as if they were saying that they felt bad for him because he was hanging out with me.

“Nathan, everyone is staring at us.” I whispered over to him as I sat in the front row.

“So? Let them stare, I don’t care what they think; I never have and I never will.” He smiled down on me as he took the empty seat beside me.

“I don’t like all this attention,” I said while I squirmed in my seat. “It makes me feel as if I have a huge red target on my back.”

Then Nathan turned so he was facing me and put his hands on my shoulders, “Hey don’t worry about it. It’s not like my fan club is going to make you a take-out target.”


Nathan’s Fan club President (texting)

Girls!, Nathan is getting a little to close to this girl named Skyler, I am officially adding her to the take-out list. You all have permission to make her life a living hell! 




“I think they already have.” I motioned for him to look over, and sure enough there was a group of girls giving me the death glair.

“Ok, um well just think if you hag out with me they wont hurt you. Sooner or later they will get bored and try to destroy someone else’s life.” He chuckled trying to lighten the mood.

“Thanks Nathan but I really don’t have time t-“

“Ok class, First day back, make a good impression and this year will run smoothly.” Our teacher announced as she entered the room.

Class seamed  to just float by, before I knew it, it was lunchtime. The only time I get to see Rocky other then gym class. We met up at our locker then headed towards the cafeteria.

“So how was English with Nathan?” Rocky asked as we entered the cafeteria.

“Well, I am on the Nathan clubs list of people to destroy, I learned that Nathan wants to hang out with me more , and that half of the girls in 9th grade are in his club.” I blurted out. “No matter what class I was in there was at lest one Nathan fan girl. It was crazy, I don’t even know why he wants to hang out with me. It might be because he found out I am a famous author.”

I kept going on and on, we picked up our dull red lunch trays full of food, then sat down at a free table.

“Hey!” I herd a familiar voice call, “Rocky, Skyler.”

My eyes got really big as I thought ‘please don’t let it be Nathan’ to myself. But even as I thought that I knew who it was.

“Hey guys,” Rocky greeted them, “What’s new?”

“Well, I have to hide from my fan club during spares, because I was almost mulled while I was looking for a book in the library. Then some how I got ten new phone numbers from girls I don’t even know.” Nathan shared with us.

“I got to punch a girl in the stomach.” Ricky shared shortly after, “and because it was self defence I didn’t get into trouble.” He had a snake like smile on his face.

Then after hearing their stories I finally have the guts to turn around and look Nathan in the eye. “hi, nice running into you again.” I finally spoke. “Am I still on the clubs list? Have you talked to the fan club president yet?”

“You are on there hit list?!” Rocky and Ricky said in perfect sink and in harmony.

“Skyler how did you manage that?” Rocky’s tone suggested that she was entertained by this particular event.

“Well apparently, just hanging out with Nathan can put you on the list.” My tone was really harsh, “Obviously they don’t know the kind of person I am. I made a vow years ago saying that I would never date a boy.” They all gave me a weird look. “or girl!” I added and they seamed to relax a bit.

“Well that’s a stupid vow.” Rocky said avoiding my gaze.

“it didn’t seam stupid when you were ten and taking that same vow.” I said mater-of-factly.

“Yeah well, things change, people change, time passes and people grow up. I didn’t know you were serious when we made that vow.“ Rock was challenging me with her eyes.

I looked away as I admitted defeat, “Oh crap! Choir practice starts soon sorry Rocky, I have to go!” I packed up my stuff and gave Rocky a huge hug, “See you in gym class. It was nice running into you two sorry I couldn’t eat with you, anyway, enjoy!” I tried to walk out as fast as I could

“Hey if you want I can walk you to choir.” Nathan offered.

“Thanks but no thanks, I don’t need any more attention then I already have.” I rejected his offer and then out of the cafeteria as fast as possible.



“That’s odd.” Rocky was the first to break the silence after Skyler left.

“What is?” I asked Suspicion clearly coating my voice.

“She only has choir on odd days. Rock pointed out.

“Your point?” Ricky asked in his usually nasty voce that he saved just for Rocky

`”My point,” Rocky said giving Ricky a death glair, “It that the school day is four today, four is an even number.” Rocky explained in a mocking voice. “Anyway, I am in choir with her so she must be…” Rocky paused as she thought.

“Well? Where is she?” Asked impatiently.

“The girls bathroom!” Rocky responded. “That’s where she must be.” Rocky started packing up her things. “Sorry to leave so suddenly but I HAVE to talk to Skyler. She may be a brunet but she does have her huge blond moments.” Rocky told us as she grabbed her last book. “see you around.” Then Rocky ran after Skyler, yet again.

“Well,” Ricky said, “that went well. Are you sure you don’t like her? Because you could have fooled me.”

“I don’t know any more Rick, I just-I just don’t know.”



“Girl what is wrong with you!” Rocky yelled as she charged into the bathroom. “It seams as if Nathan, The hottest guy in school, is into you and you are running away, why?”

I examined Rocky’s behaviour, the way she was leaning into her one hip, and arms crossed. I guessed that she was not letting me out until I answered every question she threw at me.

“Because I am scared Rocky.” I blurted out, “I have never had a boyfriend and all of a sudden the greatest guy in school likes me? I want to know where the hidden camera is because this has to be a joke.” I spilled, “this only happens in movies or story books. Nathan and I have only had two real conversations, and we have been in the same class since grade two. I just want this nightmare to be over soon.”

“Skyler, you are running away before you even give him a shot.” Rocky’s tone softened a bit, ”you, my friend, are a famous author of a romance series and you don’t have any romance once so ever!”

I couldn’t quite tell if
Rocky was trying to give me a pep talk, or trying to make me feel like crap. The only thing I don’t like about Rocky, she never tells you what she is thinking until she wants you to know.

“Rocky, what are you planning?” I asked her out of curiosity.

“I am planning to get you and Senior hottie together.” Rocky told me. She examined my face and realized something, “Senior hottie is Nathan.”

“Rocky this might be your craziest, most outrageous plan ever! You are crazy! And if not, then you are insane! I still have this huge fear of boys!”

“HAHA! So that is why you wont go out with Nathan!” Rocky yelled. I had just given her the information she had been waiting for.

Another thing about Rock, when ever you ask her what her plan is she will lie to you so that her actual plan works out.

“Skyler, if you don’t let go of the past, you will never get a boyfriend.” Rocky told me, “Why are you afraid of boys again?” she asked.

“Look, I will remind you AFTER school, we have class in about 5 minutes.” I said trying to change the subject.

“Nice change of subject.” Rocky said, informing me that she had caught onto my plan, “but we are not finished here. Now while I was looking for you I found out Nathan’s next class is art.”

I turned pale, paler then I have ever been in my entire life. “He has two classes with me?” I asked while I felt like I was going to throw-up. “Any other class of mine that Nathan is in?” I ask, not actually wanting to hear the answer.

“Um, you have history, math, English and homeroom together.

“And next thing I know he will try to join the choir. I said as a sly comment.

“Na, Nathan is a sports dud. He like soccer, football, baseball, and other sports like that.” Rocky assured me. “Plus it would interfere with soccer.”

“Right, he is going to be on the soccer team. Well anyway, I have art and you have sewing.”

We left the girls bathroom and parted to go our separate directions. I hated being separated from Rocky, she is my only friend, because she is the only person who knows about the fact that I am an author.

As I claimed the staircase to go to the art room, and I passed none other then Nathan. Out of all fifty billion staircases in the school, we had to go to the same one?

“Hey Nathan,” I greeted as I passed, “What class are you going to?”  I asked him even though I already knew the answer.

“I have art next, you?” Nathan asked back, but I got the feeling he already knew what I had next.

“Same, then history, math, then P.E., then home room of course.” I spilled out.

“Wow, so we have the whole afternoon together basically?” Nathan asked, “That’s so cool, I guess.” I could tell he was trying to play it cool here. It would have worked if he didn’t trip two seconds later.

I giggled, “Yeah I guess it is.” The possibility of him liking me was killing me, “I have a questions to ask you, it’s really bugging me and I really want answered.”

“Okay, lay it on me.” There was no sarcasm in his voice so I knew he was being completely serious about wanting to hear my question.

“D-Do you like me?” I asked him silently, not want any random person other then him to hear.

I looked up at him for the first time since I started walking with him. His gaze was averted telling me he was being shy about what he was going to say, but he eventually turned his head and looked down at me. When our eyes met I felt my face warm up and I knew I was blushing. When he saw me blush his poster changed from confident and relaxed to scared and shy.

“You don’t have to answer my question, it was stupid anyway. I have no idea why I asked that.” I was trying my best at damage control but I could tell it was not working out to my advantage.

“You are a really bad liar you know that?” Was the first thing he said after me asking my question. “And the answer to your question is, I don’t know. I don’t really know you that well and every time we talk I find out something new. I don’t know if I will ever be able to keep up.”  Nathan confessed.

We were right outside the art room door now, when I tried to enter the classroom he pulled me beside the door as if he had something to tell me. A few seconds had passed by and he still said nothing, I don’t even think he was breathing.

“Nathan,” I said breaking the silence, “if your answer is no its completely fine, you don’t have to worry about hurting my feelings. It was a stupid childish question anyway, don’t let my child-ness bother you.” Even I could tell that was a lie. Because I could feel my thought closing up and my eyesight was becoming blurry from tears building up.

Nathan brushed my hair behind my ear and said, “No matter what you say, or how you say it, you will always be a terrible liar.” He told me as he chuckled a bit. “None the less, as you may recall my answer was not no, it was I don’t know.” Nathan told me while he caressed my cheek with his hand, gently, “I just don’t want to hurt you, and I don’t want to see you get hurt.”

“Nathan,” I said quietly, “W-we should get to class the bell is going to ring soon.” I told him awkwardly.

“Right, class,” He cleared his thought then put his hand into his pocket, “le-“

I don’t completely know what came over me at that moment, But before I knew what had happened I had cut Nathan off by gently kissing him on the lips. Suddenly I felt like one of the girls from my novels, finally getting to kiss the boy that I knew I loved. I slowly pulled away and looked up at him. He had a look of total shock on his face.

“You may not know how you feel, but at lest you know how I feel. When you figure it out, you know where to find me.” Then I walked into art class.

The people in art had no idea of what had just happened because they where all to buys talking with each other. Nathan and I ended up sitting beside each other in every class, but not a word was shared between us. I had to leave early because my editor moved up my appointment, so I missed gym and was not able to tell Rocky what had happened.

On the way to the editor’s office I felt really bubbly inside. I have no idea what is going to happen next, but I just hope it all works out in my favor.


To be continued……

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