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Submitted: January 20, 2013

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Submitted: January 20, 2013




Entry one: Picture 1: short story


“Jessie, Jessie where are you taking me?” I asked my loving boyfriend as he dragged me into the forest behind his farm. “Jessie I want to know where we are going.” I stopped following so he would have to come back and tell me.

“Can’t you for once let me surprise you?” Jessie asked me, he knelt down on the ground making his dark chocolate brown hair flop in his face. “Linsey Jennifer Marie Loral, I have been dating you for over two years now and not once have you ever let me surprise you. I am on my knees begging you, please let me surprise you.”

I looked down into his deep green eyes and got lost in the softness I saw within them. When I snapped back into reality he was still on his knees waiting for my answer. “Jessie Dylan Rosalas, you crazy bastard,” I sighed in defeat. “Fine you can surprise me, but only this once.”

He kept on leading me into the forest, I started having my suspicions of what he was planning but I didn’t want to say anything. Jessie looked back at me every once and a while and smiled. He finally started to slow down, and when he eventually stopped he turned towards me.

“Do you trust me?” He randomly asked. “Before I take you any further I have to know that you trust me.”

“Jessie,” My tone was light and sweet; it suggested that I was saying that I didn’t mind being pulled out into the forest in the middle of my summer holiday. “How can I not trust you? I love you more then I love my own dog, and that is saying something.”

“Ok, well then close your eyes.”

“Um, ok sure.”

I slowly closed my eyes, it worried me that I had no idea what was going on. I felt Jessie’s warm hands wrap around mine and pull me forward. I loved Jessie with all my heart but at the moment I was afraid of what he was planning.

“Ok, you can open your eyes now Lindsey.” He paused, “We’re here.”

I opened my eyes almost as slowly as when I had closed them. The sun was bright after my eyes being closed for so long. When my vision was back to normal I could not believe what I was seeing.  Right in front of me was a meadow, I felt like was in a scene from ‘Bambi’.  In a corner of the meadow I could see two baby deer, and on the other side was a set of two wooden stools. Jessie took my hand in his again and led me over to the stools.

“Jessie this place is amazing, when did you find it?” I asked looking around at the amazing view.

“I found it while looking for those two little guys.” Jessie pointed to the deer on the other side of the meadow. “I heard them whining while I was running around her the other day. From what I can tell their mom has disappeared and they have no one. So I have been coming out here for the past week, want to go and say hi?”

I didn’t know what to say, I mean who would say no to getting close to a baby deer? But I also felt bad, what it was the smell of humans that was keeping their mother way? What if we were the problem? I looked over towards the deer when I say a medium figure emerging out of the trees.

“Jessie, I don’t think I will get the chance.” Out of the trees emerged a very beautiful mama deer, it was like fate wanted me and Jessie to see this together.

“Aww that’s too bad, they are really cute. I am glad their mom came back for them, I was worried that I would have to hand them over to a zoo or something soon.”

We sat on the stools and watched as the mama deer help up the two little fawns. Before leaving with their mama they quickly ran in our direction, each licked our hands and then ran off into the woods.

“You know Jessie I never thought I would say this, but I am glad you surprised me today.” I smiled at him.

“Does this mean you will let me surprise you more often?” He asked hopefully.

“Not a chance.”


(Two months later.)

I got a call from Jessie telling me to come over as quickly as possible; he had me worried for a moment until I saw what the fuss was about. Standing right by his back door was a female doe and a very muscular buck. I recognized the female doe; it was the same deer from summer break. When they saw us both standing in front of them, they bowed their heads as if in gratitude.

“Wow Jessie, how long have they been here?” I asked while trying to keep my teeth touching.

“Every day since summer vacation they have come back here and done the same thing. I guess they are saying thank you.”

“I am proud of you Jessie, I really am.” I stood up on my tip toes and pulled him down, I kissed him on the cheek before whispering, “I love you,” in to his ear.

He pulled out from the hug so he could see me face, “I love you too.” He replied before pulling me close and kissed me passionately on the lips. It felt like we could have stayed that way forever when we heard…

“JESSIE DYLAN ROSALAS! Why have you not cleaned the dishes yet? If Lindsey is here she better go before I make her clean too.” His mother yelled as she entered the house.

I un-wrapped my arms from his neck and back up. “I better go; I have my own cleaning to do.” I said sadly.

Jessie had a sad look on his face as well, and then it brightened up. “Hey, tomorrow is the last day of summer vacation why don’t we go back to the meadow? It will be fun.”

I had a smile from ear to ear plastered on my face. “I thought you would never ask.” I leaned up one last time and gave him a quick peck on the lips. “I should go now before your mother finds me.”

I tried getting home as fast as I could so I could pick my outfit for my date in Lovers Meadow. 

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