America through my eyes

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My thoughts on our troubled society as told to a friend through the eyes of a confused teen. this is just a piece of opinion, take that into mind.

Submitted: October 28, 2006

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Submitted: October 28, 2006



'What's in a name?' Shakespeare once wrote, and indeed, what is in a name but letters and feeling? the name America cames from Amerigo Vespucci, a merchant. But that is hardly relevant to the state of our beautiful country now. We are in a crisis and yet the children and teens seem to co-exist in their own reality, usually peaceful. We seem to know what is going on amongst ourselves, and the adults seem to have no idea about our little utopia. We solve our problems easily, through gossip or fights. it's unheard of, apparently, for a child to think anything of politics, but we have our own hierarchy of popularuty. To an onlooking adult our constant chatter and obvious feelings might make us look insane or stupid, but if you were in our place you could see that it's not just our 'creative imagination' or  'childish games'. it's real. all our emotions, like love or hate or passion, we really feel them, regardless of what people say. we do. we feel heartbreak and depression. 

it is completley possible every kid ages 12 to 17 could, if put on a country without adults, could live peacefully, with the exception of some people who vandalize and destroy. children, teenagers ARE NOT stupid, do not think that. I am one. I worry about politics and gas prices. I'm terrified of the economy collapsing and north korea blowing us to bits. I'm not the only one my age who does. look at me as an example, parents, teachers, adults. Do you really think i dont understand things adults do? I'm every bit as literate and intelligent as an adult, my age just disillusions you into thinking i'm as ignorant as a board. I know there are flaws in my thinking, very obvious ones. but there's a flaw in everyhting, ones we dont notice, ones we cant see. I know you may not agree with me, but someone has to give some people a god damned reality check before they lose their blown-up heads in the clouds and forget the ones of us below the legal age. its utterly disturbing, horrifying, and revolting sometimes. i know i may be wrong, but hey, take a chance to listen. we might just be teenagers...

...but a name is more than you think. 



{this is a work of OPINION} 

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