I can't stand it.

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All the things i've noticed that bug me, irk me, drive me to certain insanity! i know it's a very closed minded piece, but i was in a destructive, only-care-about-myself mood.

Submitted: October 20, 2006

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Submitted: October 20, 2006



Everything’s the same

I’m the center of gossip,

“Oh did you hear what she did now?”

“What is it this time?”

Oh if I could just escape

All these people,

They’re so slow,

It’s giving me a headache

Repeated questions

Over and over

For the rest of my days

Oh the boredom

Of everyday idiocy

Those gossiping gibbons

Make them go away

All they do is babble

About celebrity news

Who married whom?

Who is doing what?

Who really cares?!

Being this immune to idiocy

Is not an easy job, you know.

Coffee, sugar, doughnuts, my, oh my!

All the things I need to survive

They get their job done,

Which is keeping me awake during lectures.

Oh my sanity

It’s going to waste

Big funny words

I have no clue what they mean!

Things like carbohydrates and deltoids

Are a bit too big for idiots

Why can’t the scientists use something simple?

Like “food” or “muscle”?

Nice, simple words,

Perfect for idiot society.

America is composed of 5 kinds of people.

Ditzy girls who think they’re all that,

Flaunting imperfect legs in too-small skirts

Thinking they look hot in tiny shirts

Little boys that play with toys

About as big as themselves

It isn’t even funny

To see one lose interest and move on.

Then there are the hard working adults of society

Doing their jobs as best they can

Surviving on minimum wage

Teenagers who think they are invincible,

Most of who are on crack.

Then there’s my group; the actually smart

We don’t waste time playing with toys,

Flaunting our most unattractive features,

Working on minimum wage,

Or getting high on crack.

We are the people you see in Harvard and Duke

Working our butts off to get a degree

Finally people who don’t piss me off!

Isn’t that amazing?

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