Lost Scientists

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It is a story which deals about the problem of the Indian Scientists and the reason why Indians work in other countries

Submitted: October 12, 2013

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Submitted: October 12, 2013



Lost Scientists:

The time was about 1.30 am. It was dark everywhere in the Gandhi College except the laboratory. Aaditya has still not left his college lab. It was that intention and mindset of him which made him to do such a hard toil to complete his research. He just wanted to find an instrument to salvage the life of military populace who make their life a challenge in the borders. He had a great interest to do something for his mother country. He hated scientists who pay tribute to the foreign countries other than their motherland. His curiosity to do something to those spectacular warriors rose in him right at the age of 11. Even he paid no notice towards his tummy.  His eyelids urged him to bed but he whole heartedly showed his contribution only on his project. He hustled his brain; sinews and a lot of calories for a lot of days to give structure to his mechanic thought.

Nearing the completion of his project, he swelled up with pride. He had a lot of dreams. He built this thought over years of time. His heart filled with the bliss that he had lent his hands for the protection of soldiers. Tumbling out of control, he just laid down on the couch. When he opened his eyes, it was bright. The sun rays peeped at him as if they were urging him to complete his mechanic. He gargled up his mouth and went up to his project and completed his project. Then he wrote the theses and took it over to his tutor who favored him to complete his project. Mr.Ashok, the professor of the college observed his practical experiment and showed his acceptance. Then, Aaditya asked him for the revaluation of his science model.  Mr.Ashok went to the principal and spoke about his issue. Then Principal contacted the concerned officials and arranged for the evaluation of Aaditya’s dream. Evaluation date was announced.

Aaditya prepared well for the evaluation. His dream day was at the edge. He quickly woke up and geared up his way to college. He was there at 7.00am and was all set to show his dream; a matter which he thinks as his life; an object which gave a meaning to his life. He thought about the early days of experiment. The days which he chased many officials to get acceptance for his project came to his memory. The days which he passed by following his professor like a dog for asking permission to use lab stoked his brain. Also he got the reminiscences for getting financial assistance from his correspondence. Meanwhile, the evaluators from the Indian army came there. Everyone was set ready to go. The stage was set for Aaditya. After the completion of welcome speech, the floor was handed over in the hands of Aaditya. Aaditya upheld the mike with a great feeling of pride. A bit of tension played over his face. But he started his speech.

“I wish a very good morning to all the gentlemen who have gathered here for seeing my project. I take immense pleasure to introduce this product on behalf of you. This is my invention, a helmet which protects the soldiers from all sorts of rifles. Also it has GPS protocol to connect with other soldiers. It helps a soldier to find his lost way as well as the area where he fights. It also helps him from entering into other country’s border. I have used titanium metal for the outer covering and a thick lead for inner covering. I have made up the processing unit with core processor 5.1 to work even in bad temperatures. That’s it from me. You can claim any question on my product.” said Aaditya about his invention. An officer asked about its weight. Aaditya replied that it was very light as he had used titanium metal. “It’s just about 0.7 kg” added Aaditya. The officers praised him for his invention by clapping with their hands.  Aaditya showed his gratitude by bowing down his shoulders. He then said that he wanted his invention to get approved in his name. The correspondence grew red on seeing his glory. Thus he made his dream day successful.  He felt very happy for his actions. Being contented, he had a long sleep that day.

He didn’t know about the problem which is going to approach tomorrow. But soon he came with the knowledge that his college has cheated him. He felt like as if he had lost his whole life. Whether anyone be calm after seeing his invention being approved in his professor’s name? He just urged to his professor’s house and asked him the reason. He said “I am the maker. Being an assistant, how can you claim me? It’s the order of the correspondence of college. Go and do your job.” He also dispraised him by bad words. Getting angry, Aaditya slapped him. Soon, a violence action took over there. The police charged him up and imprisoned him. With the help of his friends, he came out of the prison.  He didn’t know what to do next. Many friends convinced him and advised him to go abroad for proving his talents. After long hours of thinking, he finalized that he would be moving abroad. He added “This is the condition of scientists in India. None goes of their own. They are compelled. Had they been used for our country, Rs.1 would have been equal to 5$. They have no other go.”

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