Nuclear defense system in Europe

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We all claim to seek a better world for humanity, yet some are having dangerous ambition against humanity.

Submitted: June 16, 2007

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Submitted: June 16, 2007



Nuclear defense system in Europe

A new kind of arms race is about to begin.
The United States of America is spear heading this. When North Korea wanted to develop its nuclear weapons system, the USA was the first to raise alarm before the rest of the world joined in the opposition.

When sadam Hussein of Iraq was having the ambition of developing its nuclear programs, president bush of the USA looked for reason to invade Iraq and overthrew sadam Hussein’s regime. Now the instability in the region and constant threat to life is by far more dangerous than predicted.

When Iran is making attempt to develop its own nuclear technology, the world especially the USA is crying foul to it.

Britain along with the USA was the main allies who have invaded Iraq and therefore destroyed any threat to their supremacy.

The world is crying for a non nuclear proliferation and nuclear disarmament. All but only South Africa heeded this call and dismantled its project.

We all claim to seek a better world for humanity, yet some are having dangerous ambition against humanity.

Who is breaking the rules here? You cry foul and raise alarm when some countries are breaking the rules of nuclear treaty. But you are indirectly committing the same foul yourselves. Who is above the law here?

This reminds me of the novel “The Animal Farm by George Orwell”. If you haven’t read that novel, please do. It shows the true nature of man. Man has been always deceptive in nature.

Back to the nuclear issue under discussion, If the USA wants the world to believe that it was because of the perceived threat from Iran as the reason for its proposed plans to build a nuclear defence system in Europe, then it hasn’t fooled anybody, not even the Russians, whose doorstep it is about to be built upon to checkmate any possible threat from Russia, just in case the need arises.

If the USA wasn’t going to upset the balance of power between itself and Russia, it should have gone to Israel or any other countries in Asia that are far from any perceived threat by Russia. But close enough to Iran or any of these Arab countries who are dangerous and unreasonable with any weapon whatsoever.

What I can not understand also is the reasons why some of these countries cry out when they see any other countries they are not in good terms with making plans for nuclear research. But they secretly or cunningly undertake their own nuclear projects.

Who is righteous here? Who should cry foul? Who is breaking the rules here? Who has the right to make and control nuclear weapon? If an opponent country was invaded because it was accused to have weapons of mass destruction, and a fellow human overthrown and executed, then any body in possession or making or having any plans for nuclear weapon is guilty of the same crime. “The crime of making and storing weapons of mass destruction”

Except you can prove it to the world that these weapons you have, are not capable of the same mass destruction!

While some people are trying to truly make the earth a better and safer place for all of us, some are secretly scheming to destroy humanity and mankind. The surprising thing is that those crying foul have already broken the rules, and they are crying foul to deceive the rest of us from noticing their crimes.

If a country is about to try out its luck and feel the pleasure and power of possessing the might to wipe out humanity including himself foolishly, what should we say about the country which already had this power and capability for years and is even seeking an excuse to upgrade its own terror project so that it could wreak more havoc on mankind on impact when the need arises to use them.

Who is deceiving who here? We all know what is going on. And it is funny and foolish to know and to even assume that “all mankind are equal but some are more equal than others.”

The nuclear weapon is a weapon of mass destruction. And “no nation has the right to have possession of it or its capability”, but some now think they have the right to possess it, says who?

The heart of man is always continuously wicked and it is ever seeking ways to destroy itself. May God save us from ourselves!


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