the crack

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Come one come all, to the carnival of nightmares...not for the weak stomached.

Submitted: October 20, 2006

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Submitted: October 20, 2006



"Come one, come all, to the Circus De Selenae!" A crazed, bug eyed, ratty man in an oversized purple suit yells to the eager crowd, teasing their excitment like a cat after a mouse. They crowd into the large striped tent, pushing and shoving. Just then, the sides of the tent cave inward with the force of the wind. The harsh gale is the result of a storm brewing fericiously outside. Lightning cracks, showing for a blinking moment a young man standing in the center ring. He looks up. The tent falls silent, all but for the howling wind. 

"Welcome to the show." he says, then a parade of grotesque clowns come into the tent, their eyes bulging, their teeth sharp and mouths drooling.  Two clowns come in carrying a dead pig, rotting, covered in maggots and reeking of decaying flesh. The ringmaster waves his wand and the crowd is hypnotized, too spellbinded to scream as they hoist the pig onto a hook and draw it up to the roof of the tent. the clowns grab at people, shout in their faces, swinging weapons stained with blood. A woman screams, and that breaks them all out of the trance. they frantically try to escape, but it is futile. the pig explodes suddenly, spraying maggots, guts, and other body parts over the crowd. the ringmaster cackles maniacally, and the wind howls outside. The clowns get restless and slaughter madly, leaving not a soul besides the ring master and themselves alive. but they forgot one being. you. The ring master looks down into your eyes.

"Welcome to the show." 

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